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Support Ticket Management

List Page



  1. Add a ticket manually one by one
  2. Bulk upload the ticket in one shot. You need to download the sample format, fill the data and upload the data.
  3. All the follow-ups that need to be performed for that particular day will be visible here
  4. You can be able to filter the tickets based on various criteria’s that was defined in the settings page
  5. The action buttons where you can perform various actions for a particular ticket.
  6. The list page data can be modified based on your business requirements easily from the settings page.
  7. You can set priority for a particular ticket.
  8. You can define various custom status for a particular ticket.
  9. You can define the completion percentage to track the closures.
  10. You can perform multiple bulk actions from here like bulk update, bulk allocate or bulk delete.

Support Ticket Quick Actions

  1. You can flag important tickets on top irrespective of the data of lead creation. You can unflag it from the action button when required.
  2. You can send email, SMS, or WhatsApp to a particular tickets from here. You need to perform the settings for this before sending emails, SMS, or WhatsApp.
  3. You can add notes related to a particular ticket from here.
  4. You can edit a ticket and modify related data as per your need.
  5. You can delete any unwanted tickets.
  6. You can view the complete details about a particular ticket and its updates.
  7. You can add new updates and change the status of the ticket from here.

Follow-up Update

  1. You can be able to add a follow-up for a ticket by clicking on the timer icon.
  2. You can change the status of the ticket once you had a conversation or update regarding that ticket.
  3. You can mark the total time consumed while working on that ticket.
  4. You can mark the percentage completion of the ticket.
  5. You can put a future follow-up date and time if you need to set a follow-up for that ticket. If you don’t want to perform a follow-up, you can leave these fields as blank.
  6. You can add related comment with regards to the communication happened with the client about the ticket or about the resolution of the ticket in the comments section.

Support Ticket Quick View

  1. A quick view button to check the ticket update and details.
  2. The last follow-up update which you have added will be visible here along with the status and when is the next follow-up date and time and the comment data which you have entered.
  3. You will also be able to see the list of past updates below. You will never miss any data and the complete history of the ticket will be available here.
  4. In the details section, the basic data about the ticket will be available and if you want to modify any of these data, you can simply edit the ticket and update the data.
  5. You can click on view 360-degree details to check the complete details about the ticket along with attachments.

Support Ticket Detailed View Page

  1. The left panel will have the complete details about the ticket.
  2. The follow-ups which was available in the quick view page will be visible here as well.
  3. You can be able to add related notes about this ticket.
  4. You can be able to upload any related files or images about this ticket and can refer easily in the future.
  5. The logs like sent emails, calls made, etc., will be visible here.
  6. You can perform lots of functions using the action buttons.
  7. You can also edit a ticket and modify any of the data available on the left panel from here.
  8. At the bottom, you will find the list of emails sent to this ticket and its delivery status.

Support Ticket Settings

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  1. You can modify all the fields as per your business need for the client module.
  2. You can modify all the statuses as per your business need for the client module.
  3. You can modify all the departments as per your business need for the client module.
  4. Use webforms to collect data directly from your website or support pages. You can embed this form in your website and all the forms filled will created directly as a ticket in the CRM along with a unique ticket ID.

Support Field Customization



  1. You can enable or disable a field.
  2. You can make any field as mandatory.
  3. You can enable any field to be displayed in the list page. The unchecked fields will be visible in the quick view details section and in detailed view page.
  4. You can restrict your users from editing any field. This will restrict edit access for all users.
  5. You can hide certain fields to users. This will hide the details for all users.
  6. You can edit and rename an existing default field.
  7. You can add a new custom field. You can also choose the field type from various options available while adding a field.
  8. You can make certain fields like contact number, email id as unique.
  9. You can drag and drop a field to change the order of the fields.

Support Department Customization



  1. You can download the Support Department data in excel or pdf format.
  2. You can add new status.
  3. You can add Department Name.
  4. No of Days the ticket should be there in particular department.

Web Support Ticket Forms

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Snip Support Form Setting Solid Performers Pvt Ltd Google Chrome


  1. You can add new forms.
  2. Give the form Name.
  3. You can select the required fields for your Support Form.
  4. You can enable or disable the fields.
  5. Mark any fields mandatory as per your requirement.
  6. Select the width of the form Columns and Row.
  7. You can assign multiple default executives. If you select multiple executives,Support tickets will be allocated on rotational basis.
  8. You can set default Status,Fields title style,Submit Button Text,Allignment,color,Hover color.Action on Submit and Thank you Message.
  9. You can mention any of your website URL to redirect after submitting the form it will redirect to the respective page.
  10. You can copy the below code and paste it in your website, all the Support tickets collected from the Support form will be added automatically in your All Support Ticket Page.