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Design Settings


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  1. You can modify your brand theme color based on your business brand color. We have provided you with maximum possible combinations to suit your business brand color.
  2. You can modify the left menu design to Fixed Sidebar, Collapsible Sidebar or just icons.
  3. You can also change the table format of all primary modules to Straight or collapsible
  4. You can define the font sizes for the PDF downloads. This will be applied for modules like proposal, proforma invoice and invoice.
  5. You can change the position of the action button as per your convenience to left, right or on both sides.
  6. You can change the filter design to show as popup or show the filters in the top of list page. If you have more filter items, then popup is recommended.
  7. You can enable the detailed view page to open in a new tab
  8. You can display user icons instead of displaying their names
  9. You can disable the notes function in the common module if you don’t need this function for your business need.
  10. You can enable or disable the confidential data’s to be displayed for your users while creating the proposal, PI or invoice.