How to train your team to get the best Output

I am going to share with you how to train your team for getting the best output with the help of using CRM in an effective way.

Here are the six steps which you can follow to make your sales team use the CRM in an effective way.

Step 1 – One step at a time – Make your sales team start using one module at a time. And then you can train them to start using the next module.

For example, if you take Solid Performers, you can ask them to use the lead module in an effective way so that they can start using the deal module or client module because if they use too many things at the same time, they’ll get confused, which will lead to failure of not using the CRM in a proper way.

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Step 2 – Break the whole habits – As I was telling in the previous points when you are going to implement one step at a time, it will be easy for them to adopt because they’re already having their old habits of noting down in a paper or email.

So it is very difficult to break their old habits. If you’re trying to push them something new at a time, instead, if you follow the previous step, it will be very easy for you to break the old habits.

Step 3 – Make them realize the importance and the ease of using the CRM – This is one of the primary points, that you have to make sure that, you’re delivering to your team because once they start understanding, this is really helpful for them in their business, in their sales process, they will start using it without any hesitation.

But if you fail to convey then it’ll be very difficult for them to use it.

So you have to make sure that you are delivering the exact value and the benefit, of what they’re going to get out of the CRM.

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Step 4 – Periodical review for at least three months – Now why this is really important because once they start using the CRM, they might use the CRM for a few weeks, and then they might stop using the CRM for any reason.

So it is better to have a weekly or fortnight-based review with your team so that you will get to know whether they’re using the CRM effectively or not.

And if they’re facing any kind of challenges, you will get to know how to overcome that in an effective way.

Step 5 – Ask them for regular review – See more than you, your sales team is going to use a CRM for a longer period of time.

So it is always better to ask them for feedback and reviews. Sometimes you’ll get positive reviews or you’ll get negative reviews.

In case you’re getting any positive reviews, it’s great. But if you’re getting any negative reviews, you also have to consult the same thing with a CRM provider.

For example, if you take Solid Performers CRM, we have a dedicated account manager and a support team separately so that you can get in touch with us to get all the negative reviews or whatever negative feedback they are giving sorted at the earliest.

Now, this is provided by many CRM companies, but you have to make sure that you are choosing the best CRM to suit your requirement.

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Step 6 – Show them their performance upgrade over a period of time after they start using the CRM – Again, you might think will the performance really get upgraded? Yes.

If they use the CRM in an effective way, it will surely give an improvement in their performance. And it’ll be easy for you to monitor that and you can also show it directly to them so that they’ll feel happy and more confident in using the CRM in an effective way.

If you consider all these 6 points, whatever I told you while implementing the CRM in your organization, and while training your team to start using the CRM in an effective way, it’ll be really helpful for you to implement the CRM without any kind of pressure.

So initial two or three months, you have to make sure that they’re using the CRM in an effective way.


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