How to generate highly qualified leads from lead nurturing

Here are the top 5 factors that will help you generate highly qualified leads from the Lead Nurturing Process.

  1. Understand your prospects and clients better
  2. If possible have a conversation with them before setting lead nurturing
  3. Select the right CRM
  4. Setup the mail sequence as per the exact requirement
  5. Make sure you have the right landing page to capture the lead

The first and the foremost thing which you need to do in order to generate highly qualified leads is you have to understand your leads and your existing clients better. What do I mean by this? Read on the below page

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For example, you have to make sure that why this particular client or lead is actually buying your product. You need to understand the exact reason, what is the benefit they are getting, or what is the value that they are getting out of your product or service.

Now, what you can do is instead of you thinking that this might be the benefit, what I’m giving to them, or this might be the value, what they might be getting, it is better to have a live conversation with your prospect or lead or client.

Since they’re your existing client they might be really willing to tell why they subscribe or why they purchase your product or service. And that will really give you complete clarity with which you can set up your lead nurturing sequence. 

This is really important because the mails or whatever communication you’re going to have with all the upcoming leads or upcoming prospects has to be defined in that way so that you’ll be attracting the right audience.

And even after seeing emails or messages, if they don’t respond, then that means there is something wrong with whatever you’re sending to them. So that is the reason I have told you to perform this task so that you can do things in a much better way.

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The next important thing is you have to choose the right CRM. Now the CRM tool, that you are using should have the flexibility and the feasibility to make sure that all your requirement with regard to nurturing is fulfilled.

If it is not having the option to set up a delayed make sequence or, some primary features, then I don’t recommend you to try out that CRM. If you want a good CRM to manage your lead nurturing process, you can try out Solid Performers CRM. It is having all the tools, whatever you need to perform the lead nurturing in a much better way.

I have mentioned the link to start using Solid Performers for free and set up this entire lead nurturing sequence in Solid Performers CRM in the description video.

Now, once this process is done, then you can set up the mails sequence in an exact way, how you want to define it. If you see my other blog where you will also get to know how you have to set up the sequence so that you can attract the right customer or right lead at the right time.

Once all these four primary steps are done, one of the most important steps, which many business people forget is to build the exact landing page,  the mail sequence, or the WhatsApp messages or SMS, whatever you are sending, it is just giving them a brief.

When they click on the link, which is provided in the mail, they should not simply land on your homepage. Because again, if they’re landing on a homepage, your homepage is having too many things. It is not focused. So since it is not focused, the lead who’s visiting the website might not get attracted to whatever things they are seeing.

Instead, they are simply seeing again, a very general content, which is not giving them clarity of what they wanted. Now you should understand one primary thing, how to build your landing page.

The lead is visiting your website after seeing your mail. So the mail content should go hand in hand with the landing page content. Now, once these two things are designed in a hand-in-hand manner, then what will happen is automatically the lead will visit your website and then they will start sharing their details with you. Or they will start booking an appointment with you. That is what is really important.

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So make sure your landing page is designed in an exact way, how it should be designed. And you also make sure that you are having various landing pages for various mail content based on the context of the mail.

Now, once this is done, you can be able to generate high potential leads because the lead is actually seeing your mail going through the mail, and understanding the value or benefit, which is available in your product or service.

And then they’re visiting your landing page. They’re again, going through the landing page, they found that this is really useful for them, and then they’re booking an appointment with you.

So on the landing page, either you can have a simple inquiry form or you can have a booking form like using Calendar or something like that, but it should really attract the customer’s attention. That is what is really required. I hope this blog helped you in understanding how to generate highly qualified leads using lead nurturing.


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