Highly Customizable CRM Software

CRM software is the most crucial part of any business nowadays. Before in the early days, it was only limited to increasing sales force automation, but now it is inclusive of various additional features. Regardless of size, CRM software can be used by any kind of organization.

CRM can be implemented in the travel and hotel industry, real estate, medical institutions, education institutions, stores, malls, the finance sector and many more.

With various sectors enabling CRM software, Highly Customizable CRM Software implementation has become quite important in today’s world.

Why Solid Performers CRM is a Highly Customizable CRM Software?

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Lead Management

All the data in the system is collected manually or by online resources. The data collected is assembled and split based on the category. The data collected helps in understanding the right audiences. With proper nurturing, they can convert into a desirable deal.

Bulk SMS And E-Mail

CRM helps the business organisation with a lot of automated and integrated benefits.  The business organisation can send multiple emails to multiple audiences within minutes with this module. You can send promotional letters, new launch information, seasonal sale announcements, etc by bulk sending options.

Time Management

The company has all the recorded data of the clients that have been accustomed to them till now. All the data is selected at once and can reach hundreds in a fraction of a minute. This module has saved the company from sending email marketing more powerfully. Since everybody noways is frequently using emails on phones it reaches them immediately.

Top Benefits of Highly Customizable CRM Software

With various forms of business that have come up in the market, especially technology and service related it is important to have a systematic system that connects all the activities in business and brings them to one single spot. You can change all the field settings as you need. It is a one-time setting that you create for your business operations. Solid performers CRM is one of the best kinds of Highly Customizable CRM Software.

You can set certain criteria and categories to segregate customers as well as employees. You can also change the theme of your system to give yourself a new experience periodically. You can add and delete the various category of details based on your relevance.

Invoice Management

Whenever a sale is made in the business, you can select a proposal from a pre-drafted proposal template. You can add all the services one by one including taxes and send them to the customer via email or WhatsApp. Invoice management is the most unique and important module integrated by CRM

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Customer Retention

The customer has various options to select from thus making it important to provide them with good quality survival and customer care support. Customer retention helps in saving a lot of costs and funds. The existing customer has a more emotional connection and is consistent while buying.

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Omnichannel Integration for Fastest Response

Being CRM is an all-in-one business solution for all your operations, it is easier to integrate with other third-party interventions for better upliftment of your lead generation.

With marketing and promoting on various channels, you can attract a wide range of audiences and improve your sales reps.

By running multiple campaigns and ads on various social media platforms you can receive more traffic. All the traffic data generated is brought to a single software which helps the sales steam to easily understand the interest of the customers and is given accurate assistance.

CRM helps in avoiding unwanted switching from one system to another to accumulate and compare all data.

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