Free CRM vs Paid CRM. How to choose the best CRM for my Business?

Free CRM Vs Paid CRM software

Which one to choose and how to choose

Which is the best CRM to implement for your business in the beginning stage, as well as in the later stage.

Now, here are the 5 things to consider while choosing a CRM for your business.

And the most important thing to consider is your business. You have to make sure that-

what is the type of business that you’re running?

What is the scalability or growth of the business, at least for the next 10 years?

In the below video, you will get a detailed explanation of the top 5 benefits.

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Top 5 things to consider while choosing a CRM for your business.

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Choose the Best CRM for your Business


To know the difference between free CRM vs paid CRM first and foremost, the thing is Upgradation.


If you take most of the free CRM it is having restrictions, and when you are doing an upgradation to the next level in the same CRM, or if you are shifting or migrating to another CRM, the cost of doing that is high.


As I told you if you don’t have any kind of plan to grow your business for the next 10 years or 5 years, then you can opt for a free CRM.


But if you have some concept in mind that you want to scale your business to a team of 10 members or 20 members for the next 4 or 5 years, then you need to consider going for a paid CRM.


The next thing is Data Addition and Usage Restriction.


You’ll be having a lot of restrictions in adding data.


Even in paid CRM, there is a restriction in adding the number of data, but certain CRM don’t have restrictions in adding the data.


But if you see in the free CRM, what happens is you can be able to add only a very limited number of data like 1000 leads.


Now with 1000 leads, nobody can be able to do anything, right?


So you can be able to experiment with the CRM. That experiment you can do during a trial, why do you have to use a free CRM for almost a year and then get stuck with the CRM for the life? Right?


So make sure when you’re choosing a CRM, even though it is free, if the data addition is very, very less, then don’t go for a free CRM.


The next is the Lack of Support and Training.


Now, if you take CRM software, the most important thing is support and training.


If your employees are not trained to use a CRM effectively, then you might not get the best result. You can be able to use CRM software similar to an Excel sheet. That’s all, you might not be able to do anything better than that.


So now to overcome this, if you go with paid CRM software, then You’ll have the training provided by the CRM provider itself. And you’ll also have regular or proper premium support to take care of your issues as fast as possible.


Now that is what you need to consider because this is related to your business growth. This is not like, you can wait for two, or three days if something is not working correctly.


Now, another important thing is Primary Functionality-based usage restrictions.


In most of the free CRM software, you can be able to add the data points, but you cannot be able to send mail to them.


You cannot be able to perform any kind of marketing activities in that. Now that is as similar to having all your data in a normal Excel sheet or Google sheets, right?


So, it doesn’t make any sense for you to simply use a free CRM to manage all the data that you can do in an Excel sheet itself.


So when you go with a free CRM, these kinds of restrictions will be there.


But if you go for a paid CRM, you will not be having any of these restrictions.


The last and most important point is Standard Customization


If you take many CRM, even the basic standard customization will not be there, like changing the field names or disabling certain fields. You will not be having options to customize these fields themselves.


But, if you can’t even be able to customize these fields, it’ll be again, very difficult to implement the CRM effectively in your business.


Because the most important thing that you need to consider is it is not asking your employees to use the CRM. It is how effective they are using the CRM product. That defines the end goal. And then only you can meet your end goal easily and effectively.


I have mentioned all advantages of only paid CRM, and I’m not giving any positive things about free CRM.


So obviously it is not like that if your company is not having any plans to grow, maybe like not more than 2 or 3 users, then you can opt-in for a free CRM.


These were all the points for Free CRM vs Paid CRM


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