One Click Convert

You can be able to convert a contact to a lead or a lead to a deal or a deal to a client, etc., in one click. We have multiple one-click conversion implemented in the CRM and this will help you to migrate the data from one module to another without any kind of data loss.

Zero – data or communication history loss

Never – go back and refer. Everything will be up to date

Set it once and forget – the system will perform the proper mapping once you define the basic settings

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Get it done in a few steps

With Solid Performers CRM, you can implement all the available features without any technical knowledge. Zero coding knowledge is required to implement Solid Performers CRM.

Also, our system is straightforward and you can quickly implement the CRM and train your team at a much faster rate when compared with any other CRM.

Enable the Necessary Modules

Make sure to enable all the necessary modules before setting up the field mapping for one-click conversion

Define the Fields

Also, make sure to create all the required fields under all the necessary modules. This is really required as you might end up in losing some data if you create or delete any existing field under the mapped modules

Define Field Mapping

We have provided you with the settings to map the necessary fields from one module to another and you can define it from there.

Test the Mapping

Always perform one round of testing after the mapping is done and this will provide you with the clarity of proper field mapping

Let Solid Performers take care of the rest

Our System will take care of all the one-click conversion automatically based on the previously defined field settings

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