Automated Lead Scoring

Gather the quality of the lead along with the complete information about the lead once they submit an inquiry. If they are really interested in your product or service, the lead score will increase automatically based on the actions which they are performing on your website and the email campaigns which you are running.

Simple Tracking – of the website leads to advanced scoring

Understand – the interest level of the lead once they visit various pages in your site

Gain additional insights – about the lead which will help you to enhance the closure rate

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Get it done in a few steps

With Solid Performers CRM, you can implement all the available features without any technical knowledge. Zero coding knowledge is required to implement Solid Performers CRM.

Also, our system is straightforward and you can quickly implement the CRM and train your team at a much faster rate when compared with any other CRM.

Perform Settings

You can define all the required criteria for lead scoring in the settings panel

Add the Tracking Code

Generate the tracking code for your website and add the code in your website header

Enable Lead Scoring

Go to Lead Field Customization and enable the lead scoring function, so that the captured lead score will be visible on the CRM

Test the settings

Once all the settings are done, visit your site from a new browser and visit various pages, and then submit the inquiry form. Kindly note the lead score will work only if you use Lead Form or the Lead API from the CRM

Let Solid Performers take care of the rest

Our System will take care of the lead scoring function and will define the lead scoring for every new lead generated.

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