What are the Primary components of CRM Software?

Here are the Top 6 Primary components of CRM Software

Lead or Inquiry Management

Deal or Opportunity Management

Key Account or Client Management

Support or Service Ticket Management

SalesForce Automation Management

Reporting and Analytics

In the below video, you will get a detailed explanation of the top 5 benefits.

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Top 6 Primary Components of CRM Software

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1. Lead or Inquiry Management. – Now this is the primary component of a CRM system and with the help of this, you can be able to manage all your leads with the help of a CRM and can be able to collect leads from various places under one panel. You can also be able to perform lots of sales and other automation.


2. Deal or Opportunity Management. – Now, this component plays a primary role in closing a deal, because what happens is whenever you are getting a lead, you will be getting lots of unwanted junk leads as well.


If you have a deal management system in your CRM, you can be able to segregate all the potential prospects from the raw leads. Now this will help you in guiding and following up with them in a better way so that you can close them in an efficient way.


3. Key Account or Client Management. – Now, with the help of this, you can be able to manage all your clients, the renewals, and their issues with regard to support or everything in a much better way.


You can also be able to manage the proposals and our communication happened with them. When you need to follow up with them for the next 10 days each and everything in an efficient way.


4. Support or Service Ticket Management.– This is primarily related to the third component. What we talked about now, all the existing clients might be having certain support ticket issues.


And if you have an efficient CRM system, you can be able to manage your post-sale activity, which is the sales and support in this component. Now you can also automate this similar to leads. Like whenever you receive a new ticket, you can also be able to send automated emails or SMS so that they will get alerted regarding the support issue.


5. Salesforce Automation Management. – You can be able to automate your Salesforce in most activities. For example, when you receive a new lead, the lead will get automatically allocated to the sales team. And it also does send an automated email or SMS to the leader who has made an inquiry.


It’ll also send automation, alert, SMS, or notification to the sales team member. Now, all these things are possible without you doing anything at all, everything will happen automatically without any manual intervention. That is again another primary component.


6. Report and Data Analysis.- Now with the help of a CRM system, you can be able to generate all kinds of reports and you can be able to analyze the data so that you can be able to grow your business to the next level in a much better way.


These are the six primary important components of CRM software, which does both pre-sale as well as post activities.


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