Complete Sales Automation Sequence Idea

Complete Sales Automation Sequence Ideas

In this blog, I’ll be showing you how you can easily create the complete email automation sequence in less than 30 minutes. After this, you can be able to create all the titles, and whatever is required for an email sequence without any kind of hesitation or thinking.

Now many, times you have the content in your mind, but it’s very difficult for you to bring it in written content. This happens because you don’t have clarity on how to proceed with regard to the content preparation.

I will explain to you how to create a complete automation sequence easily using the below data

Know your Business Flow Clearly

Prepare the benefits of using your service or product

Prepare the on-boarding flow

Find the bottleneck

What is their final expected value out of your product or service

Create various sequences based on the various stages of prospects


In the below video, you will get a detailed explanation of the top 5 benefits.

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Create a complete automation sequence easily

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Know your Business Flow Clarity – If you are the one who is going to make this content ready, the title, or the automation-ready for your company, then you must know each and everything about your business, not the entire product manufacturing or something, but you should know the entire sales cycle, the client cycle, how they are doing each and everything. If you know that, then this will be very easy.


Prepare the benefits of your product or service – Maybe your product might be having 5 to 10 primary benefits you need to solve that out. Like take a paper now and make sure to write all the 10 different benefits of your product or service.


Find the bottleneck – In your product or service implementation, what happens is many, a time when your prospect comes in and makes an inquiry with regards to your product or service, they might be facing difficulty in implementing your product or service at a particular point in time, find the bottleneck.


And if you know this bottleneck, we have to prepare the content around this. So just take your product or service, and write 5 or 10 points about your political product bottleneck in which the clients are facing difficulty implementing.


For example, if you’re a website developer, and if your client has to prepare content and give you now, they might be feeling difficulty in preparing the content for the website, correct. Now the flow or the bottleneck here, what you need to do is you need to guide them and help them in such a way that’s so that they can be able to prepare the content on their own. That is what you need to prepare as a title


The final product of output – What your client is expecting out of your product or service? we talked about the benefits before, but benefits are different from products.


For example, if you take CRM, the benefit is you can be able to perform so much automation, but the output is the system will take care of the follow-up on an automated basis so that it saves your time.


So for your product or service, also, you need to prepare this particular thing. So again, as I told you, you have to take five or 10 in this as well.


Client or prospect onboarding flow – For example, when the client subscribes to your product or service, how will be the onboarding sequence? Will they be directly purchasing and starting using your product, or will they be following particular steps to implement it? How much time it will take? What are the difficulties they might be going through?

Now, just take a list and prepare this onboarding flow title aspect. Now from these four things, whatever I told you, you might have got at least 40 different points, like 10 from benefits, 10 from output 10, from your onboarding sequence, and 10 from your product or service things, and 5 or 10 from your bottleneck.


Now, once these are ready, now, it is time for you to create the flow because based on this flow is what you’re going to prepare all your mail contents, everything accordingly.


Again, you need to design what is the channel, and which you’re going to use to create this automation. Obviously, you can use multiple automation channels.


For example, if you use a CRM like Solid Performers, you can be able to use email, SMS, WhatsApp, and notification. All these various channels are available for you to send automated mail sequences. But again, it varies and it depends based on your requirement.


Once this is ready, you just select simply what activity are they going to perform?


For example, if a lead or prospect is making an inquiry, you are going to send a sequence of 10 emails or 10 SMS with a combination of all these 40 titles.


Now from these titles, your lead or prospect will get complete knowledge about your product or service. That is the primary goal behind doing all these automation activities because the lead is getting nurtured automatically so that they will be coming to the next level of their business growth.


And once they reach that level, once they are aware of your product or service, what are the benefits? What is the value or the output that they’ll get out of your product or service?


Then they will take their business to the next level with the help of your product or service. This is how you can be able to make simple automation flow titles in less than 30 minutes.


Once these titles are ready, maybe you can prepare content for this. Obviously, it’ll take some time, but it is worth it.


Remember, this is a one-time activity, which is going to stay with your business for a very, very long time. So make sure to put in your effort to make this thing happen in a much better way.

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