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Looking for the Best White Label CRM Software or Want to Start your Own CRM Business by Whitelabeling our CRM? Let us know your requirement to get the Best Solution. Check out this complete article and our website to understand our solutions, features, and use cases.

If you are looking for a CRM which can have features for both pre-sales and post-sales then Solid Performers CRM is the Best White Label CRM Software. You will get unlimited data addition without any restrictions and will help you guide and track your employee’s work and performance in your company.

Get all the modules including the custom modules, reports, and dashboard where you can also customize the system based on your need and requirements. Forget about working on a different platform and work on one platform for avoiding disruptions.

Why Solid Performers CRM is the Best White Label CRM Software?

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Manage your Tasks

Leads will get added automatically through integration and will get allocated to your sales team also on an automated basis. Add your daily tasks and future task and get the notification for all pending tasks, so that you will be aware of completing that task on time using the best White Label CRM Software.

You can also add the task to the calendar so that if you are not in front of the system, you can get the notification on your mobile and you will not miss any of the tasks.

Sales Automation

Automation is the most important feature you will find in the CRM because it reduces your time by 2X and increases your productivity by 5X. You can set triggers based on the condition and you can send it through the mail, SMS, and Whatsapp using the best White Label CRM Software.

Automation helps you in nurturing the leads and qualifying those leads, it will also save the time of your employees and they will concentrate more on the deal or the opportunity pipeline.

Proposal, Proforma Invoice & Invoice

Solid Performers CRM also gives the option to create your proposal and invoices. You can create your proposal and invoice with multiple company profiles with a single panel. And also you can keep your templates ready to use for a different company or different clients doing this will save a lot of time using the best White Lable CRM Software.

You can also have the revision of the proposal and download the proposal or invoice in PDF format and send it directly.

Data Management

You can add as much data as you want there are no restrictions in Solid Performers CRM. You can also have a stage or status by which you can be able to see the stage or status of a particular lead. There is also an option to prioritize your leads on the first page if that lead went to the last page.

In case of an emergency, you can also export the data in the excel sheet from the CRM using the best White Lable CRM Software. We give you all kinds of possible things to secure the data on our panel

Manage your Finances

You can also manage your revenue and expenditure from CRM, where you can see the previous progress, and based upon the progress you can get the future forecast in the best white label CRM software.

You can also ask your employees to add the income they receive from their clients and according to the income added you will get to know how much target you provided your employee and how much target has been achieved.

Customization Available

Solid Performers also takes the customization according to your requirements and at a given time it will complete the customization and will give it to you. You will also get the customization available in the system which you can also perform on your own the most important and useful customization that we provide is the custom report and custom dashboard.

You can create your report based on the status or stage, also if you can able to create a report where you can calculate the performance of your employees and track the work of your employees.


With Solid Performers CRM, you will never miss out on any follow-up going forward because it has all kinds of notification alerts on the system as well as has automation and push notification facility where your executive will receive the notification of their follow-ups on their email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

There will be an alert in the system as well where you will get the pop-up on the screen saying that you are having a follow-up with the concerned person, and that pop-up will not be removed until and unless you haven’t completed your follow-up in the best white label CRM software. This will help you in increasing the closure rate as the follow-up is the only thing where the closure rate mainly depends on.

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Integrate from all Sources

In Solid Performers CRM, it becomes easy to bring all inquiries to one platform from different sources. You just need to provide with us the API or we have multiple one-click integrations and the integration is done. If there is a platform from where you couldn’t get the API in that case you will get the option where you can create the lead API from our CRM and paste the API on that platform from where you want to bring all the inquiries.

It is a very simple way to create and yet very useful. Apart from lead API we also have web form integration where you can create the form from our software and paste that form into your website. All social media integration is also available.

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Manage and give authority based on the roles

You can add all your employees to the CRM before that you can create the role of your employees and based upon the role you can provide them the authority and access using the best white label CRM software. You can also have the users on a hierarchy basis.

Solid Performers CRM also gives you the option to manage the attendance of your employees, where the employees will be given the option to punch in and punch out, and from that, the team leaders or the manager can find out which employee is present or not and based upon the presence of the employees you can allocate them the task using the best White Label CRM Software.

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