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With the end-to-end features in managing the customer details along with the complete project details and the tasks under that, Solid Performers CRM stands out as one of the Best Project Management Software. You can create tasks under a particular project and sub-tasks under a primary task. This will make your complete project management requirement at ease.

Multiple Members

You can allocate multiple team members for a complete project and allocate restricted team members in order to perform a single task.

Multi-Level Management

For a Project, you can be able to create multiple tasks and for a task, you can be able to create multiple sub-tasks. This will help you to easily break the project work and complete it.

Time Tracking

You can track the complete time utilized by your team member in finishing a task, or sub-task as well as the complete project in one go.

Track Progress Easily

You can easily monitor the stage at which the project is there currently and the completion percentage along with the deadline. You will be notified if you cross the deadline and you will never miss any kind of deadline.

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Increase your Customer Satisfaction with the Best Project Management Software

It takes a huge amount of time and money to generate a project. But many of them easily lead to customer dissatisfaction due to improper management of the project and its delivery timelines.


With the help of the Best Project Management Software, we are here to help you with Proper Followup & reminders and even if you need to refer the project work after one year, you can easily checkout the reference from the old history of data.

Build as you Need

Customize the fields based on your business easily. We have provided you with the option to create the fields based on your project need. You can drag and drop and build your own in minutes.

Follow-up Reminders

Get a daily reminder notification and timely reminder notification whenever you need to perform an action for a project. Never miss a follow-up again.

Automatic Triggers

Get timely notifications about the deadline and the deliverables along with the complete details about the project progress in the system.

Multi-Select Filters

Filter the project based on various criteria which may be single or multiple. It is also easy to set up filters for custom-created fields for better understanding.

Project Progress

The progress of the project along with the percentage and the stage at which the project is there can be tracked easily and monitored effectively.

Allocation Highlights

All the newly allocated tasks will be highlighted on top for better visibility to take quick actions and you will never miss a new allocated task.

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