Best CRM Software in Qatar with 5 Leading Sales Tools

Looking for the Best CRM Software in Qatar for Increasing your Sales and automation most of your sales-related activities in an easy way? Here is the Solution.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and this is used by every organization around the world. This has been proven that using CRM software will boost your sales and increase productivity by 2x times. It has every feature to manage your leads, your opportunity, and as well as your employees.

In less than 3 months, the Best CRM Software in Qatar will help you to grow your business to the next level. It helps the business to perform all their activity on one single platform.

It provides pre-sales features such as lead management, follow-up management, and automation. It also has post-sales management you can manage your clients and support tickets.

Why Solid Performers CRM is the Best CRM Software in Qatar?

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There is nothing to lose but a higher probability is there for you to gain so much from Solid Performers CRM as it is one of the Best CRM Software in Qatar.

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All in One Solution

Integrate your third-party platform with Solid Performers CRM as this is one of the Best CRM Software in Qatar. No need of visiting each platform and gathering leads. You can connect your third party with CRM and it will be captured automatically in CRM. It can also auto-allocate to your concerned employees directly, with no need of doing things manually.

Data Security

Data security is very important for every business and this is taken care of by solid performers effectively. Not a single lead or data will get leaked from your account as it is stored in AWS storage.

Provide certain authorities and access according to your choice. It will also have the option to hide the number of your client from your employees in the Best CRM Software in Qatar. You can also hide some fields which you don’t want them to access for the security of your data.


Automation is required for every business for nurturing leads. Sending automation SMS, emails and WhatsApp will engage your customers before even calling them. It will help segregate the qualified and unqualified leads.

For performing the automation from the Best CRM Software in Qatar, you just need to integrate your mail id with CRM. You can find automation through all mediums SMS, email, and WhatsApp.

Contact Management

Are you facing difficulty in handling more than 1 client?

Then, Solid Performers CRM will help you in solving this problem.

It will help you store multiple data or contact under 1 client. Storing multiple contacts and linking that with clients will reduce your confusion and this is an additional advantage of the Best CRM Software in Qatar. The contact module will be as useful as the other module as it also has all the customization available.

Employee Management

Stop using a different CRM for HR instead you will get all the functionality in Solid Performers CRM. You can track each and everything of your employees starting from attendance to the closure.

It has the option where you can ask your employees to punch in and out whenever they start or end the day. This will help the management to know their attendance and the total working hours of each employee. It also provides employees to add their leave on the portal and get approval on the same platform.

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Deal Management

Keep your opportunity separately in your account by converting the leads into the opportunity module. The deal module will help you know the exact status of every opportunity you have in your account.

By adding data in the field of deal value, probability, and expected date of closure you will get the entire result of how many pipelines you have and for which month. Give priority to the deal follow-up by getting the follow-up separately.

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Timely Alert

Missing the follow-up?

Don’t worry about missing the follow-up when you start using the Solid Performers CRM. The system is designed in such a way that the follow-up will be done on time without any delay as this is again the Best CRM Software in Qatar.

As follow-up is the main point where you can increase the closure rate. If the follow-ups are done properly it will increase the rate of closure.

Login History

Login history will show the history of when and from where who has logged in to your account or your user’s account. There is also the option to restrict the IP address you want for your employees.

The history of each lead will also be recorded where, you can get the details of who created the lead when, and to whom it is allocated now.

Simple and Easy Customization

Solid Performers is very flexible, it will allow you to customize your account based on your requirements using the Best CRM Software in Qatar. There are many customizations available for each module.

There is no restriction in enabling disabling or adding a field in your system.

Got Some Basic idea about Solid Performers CRM?

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Advanced Lead Management

Lead management is used to store the data from different sources and perform follow-up on a timely basis. It can also provide you to segregate the leads into different stages or statuses that will be defined by you.

Allocate the leads from one executive to another manually using the Best CRM Software in Qatar. You can also auto-allocate the leads coming from different sources.

All the follow-ups will be stored on one single page. Get to know the reason for your failure as well as your success. This will help you in giving the solution to your employees and guiding the better.

Report Management

You will get the basic default reports from the data present in the Best CRM Software in Qatar. You will also get the custom report which you can customize according to your choice. The custom report provides two types of formats one is an analytical report and the other is a detailed or summary report.

Solid Performers CRM also have the unique feature where you can automate the report made by you to your team leaders or admin on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

Best CRM Software in Qatar