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Are you looking for software that can boost your sales and business?

Then, Solid Performers CRM is the best CRM in Oman that will help your business to grow faster and in a smooth way. If you want your business to run effectively then you need to use CRM where you can manage your sales, support, finance, and clients.

With the Best CRM Software in Oman, you can be able to manage your pre-sales as well as post-sales. Using CRM you can automate most of your activity and reduce your manpower. Integrating with all social media and different other platforms is also available.

Why Solid Performers CRM is the Best CRM Software in Oman?

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Monitor your Employees

With the help of CRM, you can perform your JR activity where you can track your employee’s attendance through the punch-in and out feature. Instead of making the conversation in the mail regarding leave management, you can manage the leaves and other different things with the Best CRM Software in Oman.

Get the option to check how many hours each executive is working in a day. You can also check when they logged in and out of the system. If you want to secure your data then restrict your employees from logging in from different systems or IP addresses.

Support Management

Most of the CRMs will provide you only pre-sales activity, but here at Solid Performers, you can have both pre and post-sales activities. You can have three stages where you can segregate into lead, opportunity, and clients

Once the stage is in the client they will have doubts and issues related to your product or service. So to maintain that support ticket module is provided. In the support ticket module, you can get the tickets directly from the website or adding manually when you get a call.

Once the ticket is captured you have a look at the ticket status as it is unattended or it is in progress or completed etc. You will have the option to check the status as well as the time consumed by the employees.

Contact Management

You can manage more than one contact in Solid performers CRM. No need to add multiple fields of contact for confusing you. Instead, you can have your different modules to manage them.

The contact module will be also linked to your client module so that you will be aware that how many contacts are there with each company.

Automate your System

If you have CRM and is it not automated then that is of no use. Automation will help you in reducing time and manpower. The task for which you will hire another person to do it that will be done by Solid performers automatically.

You will get various options to select the condition and based on that condition the automation trigger will work. Automation can be performed through SMS, email, and WhatsApp in the Best CRM Software in Oman.

Perform Email Campaign

Solid Performer will also help you in sending promotional emails from CRM itself. You can also create and keep predefined templates according to your choice. You can also import data from CRM and you can also bring from bilk upload for performing the campaign. You can send the bulk mails and after sending you will receive the status of each sent mail.

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Bulk Data Upload

Get your previous old data into CRM by performing just a few simple steps. Switching from one place to another becomes easy with the help of the bulk upload option.

You can allocate the data directly to your executive while doing the bulk upload. As we give you the option to bring the data to CRM you can also extract or export the data from CRM

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Solid performers CRM will provide you with all kinds of integration which is why it is said to be the best CRM software in Oman. It provides you with integration from lead generation platforms. Many platforms are already available in our system you just need to perform a few simple steps.

Solid Performers CRM not only provides the integration with the lead generation platform but also provides you with different payment gateway platforms as well as from IVR/Cloud Telephony. Get all the integration available in one panel using the Best CRM Software in Oman.

Reminders and Notifications

Follow-up is the key to every closure. If follow-ups are not maintained properly it will be difficult for your team members to close the deal. It provides you the reminders and notifications for every lead, deal, client, support, and task using the Best CRM Software in Oman.

Employees who are available on the system can get the notification on the bell icon as well as a pop-up on their screen 15 minutes before. And those employees who are in the field can get the notification through automated SMS, mail, and WhatsApp.

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Sync your Google Calendar

You will have the option to sync your google calendar with the Best CRM Software in Oman. Syncing mobile with the CRM will help you to get notified and be aware of the meeting or task coming ahead.

You can also check the calendars of your team member so that you will get to know when they are free or not. This will help you when you will schedule the meeting and based on the availability on the calendar you can check the available timing for the meeting.

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