Best CRM Software in Bulgaria with Top 5 Sales CRM Benefits

Here is the Best CRM Software in Bulgaria with lots of advanced Sales Automation Tools. Get Started for Free today with Solid Performers CRM.

This is the easy and most user-friendly CRM in the market which is the best CRM software in Bulgaria. Solid Performers CRM is a quick and easy custom CRM software that can be modified according to your needs and get solutions to meet your exclusive business requirements.

Our expert software developers, testers, training, and implementation engineers will build custom fields, 3rd party integrations, automated flows, dashboards, and reporting systems that will help you get the most out of the CRM system.

Why Solid Performers CRM is the Best CRM Software in Bulgaria?

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The History

We build improved advanced CRM for sales and improve existing software if it doesn’t meet your business needs. However, we map out your current business processes, analyze ongoing issues, and plan how to address them with a whole new or upgraded product.

Furthermore, as an advanced CRM software development company with 8 years of CRM expertise, we build effective solutions for all kinds of business. It may be small, medium, or big companies. Also, for many years we have been providing CRM solutions and consulting for many various industries using the best CRM Software in Bulgaria

The Flexibility

Our experts will give assistance for company-build game-changing property management, social media management, account management, lease accounting and commission management, and administration. Likewise, investment management, property valuation, source, inventory, finance, and other types of modules boost the understanding of brokers, investors, and property managers using the best CRM software in Bulgaria.

Most importantly, you can build your own software modules to help your business solve multiple tasks out of the box and make data work better for you.

An Example – Supports 16+ Industries

For example, we have unconstrained proposal templates, a dashboard & report generation tool that allows you to convert property information into a visually-appealing PDF with a few clicks using the best CRM Software in Bulgaria. Whenever in the commercial real estate industry, we can take you through all the ins and outs of building top-notch custom software to meet your business-specific needs.

Commercial builders and real estate has become as competitive as ever before. Many commercial real estate brokers, agents, landlords, tenants, and others try to stick in the same. They will advertise in media, market, advertise everywhere to get new customers.

Firstly, Solid Performers CRM can provide you with a well-organized, user-friendly CRM solution. We will help you build a powerful property listing platform that will help you stand out from the competitors and boost profitability.

Secondly, you will be able to distribute leads or properties, create marketing lists, and schedule automated leads and properties of your listings. and increase your marketing.

Thirdly focus on long-term heroes in Commercial Real Estate. For 8+ years, we have been helping companies streamline their business processes and solve specific tasks using the best CRM Software in Bulgaria. It means that we had probably already found a solution for your challenge before, so it will take less time to deliver custom software for your business in Solid Performers CRM.

The Benefit

Excellent Solid Performers CRM software for your company and to manage the business from the best CRM Software in Bulgaria. We are giving an offer of fully automated and advanced services which you require for sure and need to save more time.

For example, our team built a custom app that automates most daily routine tasks and makes data work better for you. Also, you can offer to try your own commercial real estate software products for a short time if you don’t want to invest extra funds every year for custom software development.

Consequently, Solid Performers CRM specialists can help you implement, configure, customize, and integrate a range of CRM solutions.

And More

Finally, our support and training teams can help you maintain your commercial real estate application. Also, handle the onboarding of your new employees, and fully train them to empower your team with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed with the platform.

Solid Performers, a powerful CRM tool that provides multi-criteria, multi-object search functionality through your platform. Advanced filtering and search operators enable your business to process data in a fast and efficient way. Search allows you to perform email campaigns, leading to a higher conversion rate and closing ratio.

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The Support

However Solid Performers CRM software can help your business analyze, process, and use data easier, faster, and more efficiently. Our long-term experience in custom software development for CRM allows us to bring industry-ready solutions as we know all ins and outs of this domain in the best CRM Software in Bulgaria.

The process of creating and integrating a commercial real estate app is undoubtedly essential, but regular maintenance and support of your business app are crucial too. That is why our team of Solid Performers is always at your service to take care of your commercial real estate app, fix any bugs and errors, and adapt to the upcoming updates of the platform. On top of that, we can handle the onboarding process and train your teams to make the most out of the software.

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Got Some Basic idea about Solid Performers CRM?

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Report Management

You will get the basic default reports from the data present in CRM. You will also get the custom report which you can customize according to your choice. The custom report provides two types of formats one is an analytical report and the other is a detailed or summary report.

Solid Performers CRM also have the unique feature where you can automate the report made by you to your team leaders or admin on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis using the best CRM Software in Bulgaria

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