Best CRM for Startups

More than 85 percent of our clients are startups.

Here are the seven primary reasons why Solid Performers are outperforming all other CRM providers in terms of acquiring the startups.

Number one is the ease of use. Now, this is one of the primary things which many CRM providers fail to provide in terms of using the CRM more than setting up the CRM and you should look out for that in the Best CRM for startups as startups don’t have time to train everyone.

If you take Solid Performers CRM, you can set up the entire CRM in less than 30 minutes.

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You can try it out in 30 minutes, you can be able to do all set up on your own, or you can take the help of our support team and they help you in doing the setup without any kind of hassle.

So ease of use is not just with regards to the setup. It is about again, using all the available modules, even for the lead module or client module or a deal model, whatever it is, which you’re using in the CRM, it’ll be very easy for you to use. It’ll be completely user-friendly. Even if your employees are having basic computer knowledge, they can be able to use this Best CRM for Startups.

Number two is Integrations. Now with regards to Solid Performance CRM which can be considered as the Best CRM for Startups, whatever integrations you’re trying to do with a third party or with your website, anything can be done within a few minutes without any kind of hustle. And there is no for you to take any kind of difficulty in doing the integration setup.

For example, if you’re going to set up the website lead forms or the chatbot, these things can be set up in less than five, or 10 minutes, and you can be able to copy the code and add it to your website. Now, once these settings are, you can be able to see the forms on your website without any kind, of technical knowledge. That’s how and that simple it is.

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When you take again, integration with Facebook and Google Ad Words, or this kind of lead generation platform, you can be able to integrate all these things in just a click since integrating it with all these sources are very, very simple. People prefer Solid Performers or other CRMs.

Number three is Data Management. If you take many other CRMs, there will be a lot of restrictions in terms of managing your data but there should not be any restrictions in the Best CRM for Startups.

Data Restrictions in Best CRM for Startups?

Like you can be able to add only a thousand leads or 10,000 leads, and you can be able to send emails or, mail or sales, communication, marketing communication, only with a certain restricted number of leads. Now, these kinds of restrictions will automatically restrict your business in terms of growth.

Now, if you take Solid Performance, there is no restriction. At any point in time, you can be able to add any number of data points like lease clients or deals. You can be able to create any number of proposals. You can be able to create invoices, and everything, and there are no restrictions. You can also set up any number of sales automation that is no restriction for that as well. So with regards to data management, if you take Solid Performance CRM is practically unlimited.

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Number four, Follow Up Reminders. Now, if you take again, this is a common thing, why people are using CRM and with regards to the Solid Performers CRM we have given you with a lot of additional functions so that you can be able to take care of your follows smoothly. We are trying to provide you with zero lead leakage, or zero follow leakage.

You will not miss out on any kind of follows at any point in time. It’ll be very easy for you to follow up. The system will show you a reminder, even in any of the devices, whichever you’re using, and you will never miss any kind of follow up.

Number five, which is the Pricing. Now, if you take many other CRM, again, as I was telling one of the features before with regards to restriction, right now, the pricing point will vary based on the restriction of the data. So what will happen is if you reach a particular point of your business, like a particular growth point of your business, you have to upgrade your now with regards to Solid Performers it is not like that. If you are going to use certain modules, then you are pricing will be based on that. And if you’re going to use any other modules, then you can change your plan.


But just because you’re adding more data or you want to manage more data, the pricing will not change. The pricing is fixed based on that. And if you compare Solid Performers pricing and features with regards to others here, you will find a lot of advantages what Solid Performers is having. And the price point is less when compared with any other providers.

Number six, Mobile App. Everybody wants to use CRM, not only on laptops but also want to use it in mobile devices, as well as on iPad or tablets or whichever device they want to use. Now, Solid Performers CRM can be used in a normal browser like any other CRMs, but it also has got mobile apps, which are really user friendly. So then you can use it on Android or iOS devices, and you can be able to manage all these things in a very, very smooth and effective way. So, means no way you will miss any of the data follows, and no need to worry about any of the data points.

Number seven and the last most important thing is Data Migration. In Case, if you are having any of the data, which is already there in your existing Excel sheet, or any other CRM, you can simply export all your data points from your existing CRM or Excel sheet, and you can import it to Solid Performers CRM within a few minutes.

It is as simple as that, and you can be able to make you solve this in a very easy and effective way. These are all seven important points. Why Solid Performers CRM is one of the best CRM.

I have added a special code in the bottom of this blog via which you can apply a 50% flat discount throughout your lifetime, which means if you’re going Solid Performers CRM for the next 24 years, this 50% discount will be applicable for the next 24 years. So that is a, which I have added below. This is a limited time. So make sure you are making use of it.

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