How Secure & Safe is my Data ?
Your data is managed completed in one of the World’s Leading Cloud platform with automated backup. Since the application runs online, even if your computer crashes, all your data is safe in our Cloud Platform.
Can I use it in my MAC / Windows Laptop ?
You are free to use our CRM in any device of your choice. Since our application is web based, any device which has got web browser will support our application which includes your Windows, Mac desktops & Laptops, Tablets & Mobile Devices. You can also download and install our app in your mobile at free of cost.
Is there any restriction during Trial Period ?
You are free to use our Free Trial with no restrictions. All the features will be enabled with no restriction but you cannot increase the number of users during your trial period apart from what you have entered during signup. For example, if you have entered 100 users while signup, you cannot increase more than 100 users during the free trial.
Do I need to Download & Install any Software to use the CRM ?
Solid Performers is a Web based Application and there is no need to download and install any kind of software. You can just signup and start using the CRM in less than 10 minutes.
What will happen if my Trial / Subscription period got over?
We will notify you before the expiry of the subscription and once the subscription got over, you account will be automatically disabled and you cannot be able to access any data except the renewal page. You can login and renew at any point in time and the product will be activated immediately.
Why should I buy Solid Performers CRM ?
With regards to the features, security, pricing and performance of our system, we stand out in the market and in order to grow your business, Solid Performers will help as a major tool by providing the service at a much better price.
Do I need to pay any additional setup charges ?
Our system is 100% user friendly and you can setup the entire system on your own. But if you need assistance, we are happy to help and we don’t charge any fees for that. Any new or additional integration or major customization will incur additional charges.
How to use it?
You can simply register with us and by seeing the admin panel itself you will understand how to use it. Apart from that you can see our tutorial below for better understanding if required.
What does support includes?
Support includes both technical and sales support related to any features in our system which you couldn’t be able to understand or use and our team will help you in understanding “How to make it work more efficiently”.