In this video, we are going to see the complete features and functions about Solid Performers CRM.

We will cover the overview of all the features in this video. For detailed functions and understanding, kindly go through the individual demo videos for every feature present in our website.

So, Let’s Start.

We will Use the word Lead throughout the demo. Lead means a “New Enquiry” or just an Enquiry.

In the dashboard, you will get the over view of your Business progress including graphical representation of lead Status, Income & Expense by categories as well.

You will find all the notification icons on the top which includes project notification, lead allocation notification, payment approval notification, Leads to Follow Notification and daily activity reminder notification.

On top right if you click on the User Icon, you will find profile where you can update your personal profile, change password as well as change your company details.

You are also having options to change the colour scheme of the entire panel according to your Logo or branding Color.

Below the profile, you will find settings section, where you can modify the entire dynamic data of your CRM. You can add new categories or status according to your business requirement. You are also having options to customise the fields for Lead Page and Client Page. Along with that, you can also do proposal settings, pro forma invoice settings and invoice settings. We have kept all the settings in a single page for your simplicity.

Next comes to To Do Section where you can add any event for the upcoming days and it will remind you with a notification on that day. If you want to add a time based view, switch to week or day display on top and you can add it accordingly.

Next Comes the lead Section. You can add a lead, view, add comments whenever you are following up with the lead, edit, convert to client or delete a lead.

Before adding the lead, you can customise your fields or you can also customise the source and status dropdowns according to your requirement in the settings page.

In the all leads page, you can also sort or search for any lead as well as you can filter only the required category from the top.

In the followup leads page, you will find all the leads that you need to follow for today or any other previous day which you have failed to follow. It is also show a notification on the top on a day to day basis.

In the Lead Pipeline Page, you can find the status of all your leads in one view. This will help you in following up with your lead easily.

Lead capture will help you in capturing leads from your website or any other campaign directly instead of adding it manually in the leads.

In the clients section, you can add and manage all you clients. You can also covert a lead to client instead of adding it manually. Once the client is added, you can create proforma invoice or invoice to them. Based on the invoice created,  you can see the invoice raised, payment received and pending it the clients overview page.

In the Products or service section, you can add all your products along with price and tax and this will help you in fetching the data easily while creating invoice. You can also manage inventory by adding and deducting inventory here.

You are also having option to add sub product under a main product for easy segregation as well as you can also group the products. You can create multiple groups in your settings page.

In the income and Expense section, you can all manage all you income as well as expense and approval is required along with the reason for approval while adding any income or expense. This will help you in identifying the income or expense made you other users as well. You are also having expected Payment section where you can maintain all you expected payments in the future here.

In the daily timesheet section, all your employees can add the daily work update and you can approve the same. You can also ask questions if you have any doubt in whatever they have added and only after clarifying all your doubts, you can approve. You can also manage your own daily timesheet here.

In the Projects section, you can manage multiple projects and you can also create multiple tasks under a single project. You can allocate the projects to your employees and set a deadline for the project completion. The progress of the project can be updated whenever required. If the project is not completed on time, it will show a notification on top.

In the support section, you can create support tickets raised by your client and allocate it to your employees to close it. The status also can be updated here.

In reports, you are having various reports along with options to select the from and to date of the data required and you can export the data in excel or any other formats.

The subscriber will have the list of all your leads or clients and you can export them and use it for any other marketing purposes.

In the users section, you can add any number of users and while creating users, you need to select User Role which is a very important function. Separate video is available for User Role settings. Kindly go through it before creating a User Role and this is a very important function for defining the User Permission in the CRM.

We hope that in this video, we have covered all the functions available in our CRM. If you still have clarifications, kindly go through the individual tutorial or features page available in our website or send us a mail on and we will get back to you.