No.1 CRM in India

But CRM varies, depending on what department you’re talking to. A support team might use a CRM to manage customer, marketing teams may use the tool to analyze how consumers respond to online campaigns. When it comes to sales, a CRM is used to streamline pipeline management. With a sales CRM tool, you can safely Stores databases of customer information and drive more sales. Solid Performer is a No.1 CRM in India.

Solid Performer CRM is a tool for Managing all touchpoints with prospects or customers throughout the sales process. A touchpoint could be any interaction—both direct and indirect—between sales representative and their leads. The tool tracks, automatically organizes customer data, sends reminders to follow up with leads, and more.

Essentially, a Solid Performer sales CRM simplifies the process of lead nurturing. Both administrative tasks and data organization are automated, so you can spend less time on data entry and focus more on building meaningful relationships with prospects.

Solid Performer Improves customer data accuracy

Manual data entry is prone to human error. Sales representative needs to manually record a lead’s contact information. They might accidentally enter inaccurate data or forget to enter the lead’s contact information.

Solid Performer CRM minimize these errors by automatically recording any action a representative takes within the app, such as initiating a sales call or sending a follow-up email. With Solid Performer, those actions are displayed in real-time activity feeds and individual contact cards.

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No.1 CRM in India

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