No.1 Travel CRM in India

A travel operator needs to manage and meet the demands of their clients on the go. Travel CRM software (solid performer) coordinate and streamline the entire operations through a single platform. Solid performer manages different parts of the tour. This includes the ticket booking management, travel coordination, accommodation, daily plan management etc. Instead of individually managing these tasks on a different basis, solid performer CRM software combine these different tasks on a single platform. Solid performer can oversee the entire pipeline of different activities and upcoming bookings. Solid performer is a no1 travel CRM in India.

Create and Send Itineraries from the CRM

No more words, powerpoints, pdfs & waiting for mail attachments. Create and send good-looking itineraries within minutes directly with a solid performer. A basic form-filling feature which lets you include travel data through few dropdowns is all you need to create detailed travel itineraries in your brand template within minutes.

Automate Sales Tasks and Sell Faster

Solid performer Automate tasks such as email exchanges and booking requests and let your sales team focus only on bringing in just more business. From acknowledgement mails to itineraries to package details to invoices, solid performer’s efficient enquiry management system handle everything with easy. Get a detailed page for each enquiry and keep a tab on all necessary details like client details, package details, source of enquiry and past interactions on single page. With payment gateway links embedded in your emails you can allow the customer to make payments instantly.

Manage Marketing Mailers: Save all marketing mailers in solid performer and send periodic promotional mailers to a filtered category of recipients from the overall customer database. Get detailed insights from each mailer campaign and realize the conversion rate of each mailer campaign.

Manage Memberships: Manage memberships and auto-send reminders to members for membership renewals. Understand customer holiday pattern with the help of solid performer’s analytics and up sell bigger membership plans.

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