Financial Service CRM

Solid Performer CRM helps Financial Services organizations to gain customers understanding and also allows you to understand your customers in a better way. CRM provides you a platform to get enquiries from multiple sources and also create the whole customer’s life cycle in order to meet their expectations properly. Using CRM you can automate most of your work and focus on generation more ROI.

Followup Reminder Custom Status & Source Web Lead Form Integration Notes & File Uploads Log & History of Communication Easy Allocation & Tracking Integrate with any Source

Top Reasons to Choose Us


Manage Contacts

Solid performers CRM helps you to store and manage the client contact information as well as important document.


Allocate the work

We give you the option to allocate the particular lead to a particular executive. Also our system can help you to handle unique data.


Integrated CRM

CRM provides integration from different sources and bring all leads into CRM directly just by integrating it in a quick way.

Detailed Data

With a fantastic feature of Solid Performers CRM, view all your detailed data under your leads and client in one click.

Mail Campaigns

Design and personalize marketing messages and target campaigns towards the suitable segment. Generate more leads quickly.

Sales Automation

Give your team everything they need to prospect, manage contacts and ultimately close more business opportunities.

Product Management

CRM allows you to keep the detailed record of your products and under your products you can also manage their inventories.

Workflow Automation

CRM improve operational efficiency by building workflows that provide automated alerts and reminder for follow ups.

Easy Access

Access the CRM from anywhere using any device. Our mobile application allows you to work from any location.

Lead Management

Managing lead in a systematic way is the most important task for any organisation in order to get positive result out of the leads. Manage your leads with Solid performs CRM and create follow-up for every conversation you have with your leads. To process the continuity one can allocate lead to other user. Lead management also allows you to edit your data as per your requirement.


Client Management

Client is the backbone for any successful organization. One click view can be done for viewing all the data’s of your client and you can also check the previous conversation with them. You can customize the client fields based on your company’s requirement. Financial services organizations need to adapt the strategy of maintaining long term relation with their clients and here CRM helps you in maintain relation.


Contact Management

With Solid Performers CRM you can now create, store find and customized the contacts as per your company’s requirement. With easy filter available in CRM you can check the information of any person. CRM allows you to automatically track the information such as communication details that are linked to the contacts. You can make changes to the database at any time you need.


Quick Task Management

You can now create and update quick task in CRM. Multiple tasks can be created and allocated to the employees with the due date, description of the task & priority mentioned. Quick task helps your employees to complete the task on time. Managing a quick task brings the effectiveness and efficiency in the workflow.


Project Management

Managing project in an organized way is a crucial part of financial organization and your deliverable get improved when you manage project in CRM. You can create your project with the start date- end date and can allocate it to your users. Sub task can also be created and CRM allows your user to update the task progress. Account manager can keep a track of the task progress assigned to the team.


Document Management

Financial Service companies have some important document of client which they cannot take the risk to lose it, and Solid Performers CRM here simplifies your work by giving to option to store documents in one place. Document management reduces your time processing and increases the work productivity.


Proposal Management

Create and send proposal to your enquiries or clients with Solid Performer CRM. You can view all the created proposals in the view page enquiry or client. CRM also allows you to do some default settings for proposal and meanwhile you can also create multiple templates in CRM based on your business requirement.


Proforma Invoice Management

The best part of creating proforma invoice is that this is not a final sales invoice. Proforma invoice just reflects that the work is final and now client can make the payment and get the tax invoice. Proforma invoice is the preliminary invoice which works in favour of the organization. In CRM default setting for proforma invoice is possible.


Invoice Management

Creating invoice and maintaining it manually I really a tough job when you are loaded with lots of work every day. Solid Performers CRM simplifies your work and let you create invoice directly from CRM and you will also have the record of the invoice getting created. You can send invoice directly via whatsApp or you can also download it in PDF format.


Employee Management

For any organisation it’s important to track their employees and know whether they are working correctly or making any mistake but without CRM it is not possible. CRM provides you the platform where you can create your employees account and manage them. You can also create their roles and in that you can provide them with some authority and restriction.


Finance Management

Being a financial service company it’s pivotal to manage finance is a standard and organized way. With Solid Performer CRM you can keep detailed record of your company’s income and loss. It helps you to know what is the income and expenditure of your business and will also help you to know when to make the static change if thing are not working fine.


Report Management

CRM keeps the track of entire work performed in your organization. Custom reports are possible with Solid Performers CRM. You can create overall reports of leads, clients, invoice, proposal, finance and employee work activity. This report can immensely assist in your regular business operation and helps you in improving your workflow.


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