Educational Institute CRM

Education industry works are not one time with the students, they need to be managed properly. A CRM specially designed for Education industry helps you to manage every detail in an organized manner. Manage all your enquiries, admission and student details in one place. We provide you a feature to receive enquiries from multiple sources and see them in one list.

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Top Reasons to Choose Us


Lead Tracking

It allows you to have proper lead tracking and reduction in errors or duplicate entries in your institution, which ultimately reduces the time taken for closures.

Detailed Reporting

We give you the option to track and know that for which course the maximum numbers of queries are coming and how are they taking it forward with detailed reporting.

Follow up Notification

It enables the executives to keep reminders against every enquiry and students. Auto notifications help them to follow the prospects without missing the prospect.

Activity Management

CRM software helps to track the overall activities related to student counselling and offered courses with their assigned fee structure under one page.

Mobile App

Using amazing technology Mobile Phone makes sense. Our mobile application allows you to work from any location. Perform any task from anywhere in any easy way.


Centralise all your data across various sources on a unified platform. Collect all the data in one place and perform various functions in one place.

Email Campaign

Running email campaigns helps you in creating awareness about your product and service among prospects and clients. Generate more leads easily.

Document Management

Manage all the documents of the students in their profile,. This will help you to access the data of the students in the future at any point in time.

Custom field

We provide you with various default field in different modules. Apart from this, we also provide you to add the custom field of your own choice based on your business.

Enquiry Management

Create enquiries from multiple sources and get all the enquiries in CRM list automatically. You can manage your leads and create follow-up for every conversation you have with your leads. To process the continuity one can allocate lead to other user. Enquiry management also allows you to edit your data as per your requirement. Get automatic reminders on when to contact them again with previous history of communication happened with the enquiry.


Students Management

Managing end to end details of your students is the top priority for any education industry and here Solid Performers CRM helps in managing all the details of your students in a simplest way. It may happen that you might forget any follow-up with your student but CRM helps to track all the information and previous conversation follow-ups easily in a minute.


Batch Management

Solid Performers Education CRM helps you in maintaining batch details without any confusion. You can add multiple batch names and under that you can manage all the details of those batch students. For viewing these batch data’s you can also filter based on your criteria’s. Batch management brings efficiency in your workflow.


Staff Management

CRM keeps the track of entire work performed by your staff and helps you to create the activity report of every individual staff. You can also maintain their documents and their work reports in CRM. This can immensely assist in your regular operation as you can monitor the work of your staff. This can be very useful for increasing the work effectiveness of your staff.


Course Management

With Solid Performers Education CRM add multiple courses and keep the detailed record of your course with their charges. It allows you at the time of creating receipt by allowing you to select the existing course from your default course list. Having a course details in CRM with their charges also decreases the work load of the staffs.


Quotation Management

Creating quotation for your prospects and students becomes simpler with Solid Performer Education CRM. You can simplify your work by creating the quotation and you can send via WhatsApp directly or you can also download the pdf. With this you can also update the status and your quotation whether it is approved, rejected or in review.


Receipt Management

Create receipt directly from CRM and send it to your students via WhatsApp or download the pdf format. You can also keep a track of your payment received via which source. CRM also allows you to see the receipt amount, the payment received and the pending amount is a segregated manner. You can also add default invoice setting with your prefix, seal signature and other details.


Campaign Management

In order to be up to date, managing campaign is required. You create & manage both online and offline campaigns in CRM easily and effectively about any update of your institute or at the time of admission. Campaign management helps you to know what was your input and what is the output of you campaign. In online campaigns you can also check the reports.


Timesheet Management

CRM provides you a fantastic feature named as Timesheet. With the help of timesheet you can check the daily paunch-in and punch-out of your staffs. With timesheet you also get an option to add any remark like if you are late in your punch-in or you are taking off in half day then you can add a remark saying why you were late. Admin of the CRM can track timesheet of all their staffs.


Finance Management

You can keep detailed record of your institute’s income and loss in the finance module. It helps you in making the static change by seeing the income and expenditure of your business. You can also track the income and expense of staff and filter which their performance throughout. Finance management improves your entire business operation cycle.


Reports Management

CRM allows you to create custom reports based on your institute requirement. You can keep a detailed track of your staff’s work performance. It also helps you to distil what is the status of your organization. With more flexibility now you can create the reports based on your business financial performance as this report can immensely assist in your regular business.


Quick Task Management

CRM allows you to create and update quick task. In this module multiple task can be create and allocated to the staff’s with the due date, description of the task & priority marked in it and once the work is done the staff can update the status of the work. Managing a quick task brings the effectiveness and efficiency in the workflow.


And Many More...

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