Lead Management

Important Points to Remember
Kindly setup up the below settings before working on the Leads Page
– Lead Field Settings
– Lead Status Settings
– Lead Source Settings
You can also modify the above at any point in time based on your business requirement.

1. Add Lead
You can add the leads here and add a default status and general information about the lead here.

2. Bulk Upload Lead
Alternative to individually adding the leads, if you have an excel file of huge leads from any source, you can upload it here. Refer documentation before doing bulk upload

3. View Lead
If you click on view lead, you can be able to see the complete details about the lead added along with previous history of communication that happened with the client which was added during the followups.

4. Edit Lead
If you want to modify any details in the added lead, you can do it from here.

5. Delete Lead
We have also provided option for you to delete any unwanted leads based on your wish.

6. Followup Reminder
You can add followup reminder after speaking/discussing to a lead along with the details of the discussion happened and our CRM will remind you on the day of followup. Never miss a lead due to poor followup!!

7. Convert to Client
If a lead gets converted to client, you can simply convert a lead to client in one click and send invoice or proforma invoice to them

8. Bulk Download Leads
We have provided you with the option to download the leads via excel, pdf or print with which you can access the leads offline as well

9. View Settings
You are having option to display 25, 50, 100 or All leads at a time which will reduce the loading time of the page incase of more leads in your database

10. Filter Results
You can search for any details from the text box search from the list of leads available or you can filter leads based on Status or Executive which will give you with indepth data for deeper understanding.

11. Bulk Select
An additional option is there for bulk selection of leads which will help you with bulk delete or bulk allocation of leads.

12. Bulk Delete
You can delete leads in bulk from here if you want to delete huge no. of leads for any kind of reason.

13. Bulk Allocate
You can also allocate huge number of leads from one executive to another for performing certain tasks at any point in time.

14. Pagination
Pagination will appear at the bottom right corner if the number of leads exceeds the limit of leads to display in a page.

Simply add followup update with comments, status update, date and time in overview page or in the view page.