Best Lead Management Software in India

A lead use to contact your customer or potential customer about your product or service. The main purpose of sourcing, collecting and storing leads is so that you can have the ability to broadcast messages to the people within the niche group regularly, with items that would be of interest to the group. Some people use automatic email delivery systems, known as autoresponders. Messages are loaded into the autoresponder service, and sent at timed intervals, and sometimes marketers use broadcast messages once they have built a sufficient email list. Solid Performers is a Best Lead Management Software in India.

Lead Management Software (Solid Performers) allows businesses to merge their sales assignments and processes. From lead generation to conversion, all tasks are perfectly handled by Solid Performers using advanced reporting methods and comprehensive competitor analysis. They bring together important sales information within minutes. Much better than the traditional spreadsheets, Solid Performers help users in analyzing critical data such as conversion rates, lead time, and win-loss ratio. They also provide you an insight into the performance of your sales team for various products, services, locations, and customers.

What are the types of Lead Management Software Programs?

Varying from basic and free tool suites to accurate and ultra costly – different types of lead management software solutions are available in the market these days. Features can also come under the categorization criteria. However, certain specific programs just summarize leads; whereas, others are more robust and allow the users to track the entire sales cycle, monitor lead behavior, and perform some custom branding. Deployment is also an important criterion that divides software into the following categories:

  • SAAS or Software-as-a-Service Lead Management Software:

It is a software hosted on the vendor’s server. Software installation, update, and maintenance are not the responsibility of the business owner.

  • On-Premise Lead Management Software:

It is a single-licensed and client-server hosted-software. They are expensive and need a complicated setup. They occasionally require some hardware installation.

  • Cloud-hosted Lead Management Software:

It is an affordable and easily accessible software solution with basic plans. Some of them also come as Open source lead management software solutions that users do not even need to update for maintenance.


What are the critical features of Solid Performers Lead Management Software

The detailed comparisons given below will throw light on the main features of Solid Performers lead management software:

  1. Lead Storage and Distribution:

It includes handling leads gained through email, web forms, etc. Then such leads can be stored in a database, evaluated, and sent to the right sales representative.

  1. Lead Scoring and Nurturing:

It includes identifying promising leads based on online behavior, job title, demography, and buying behavior. Nurturing tools are used to automate lead follow-ups to bolster the relationship with prospects until they are ready to buy the product.

  1. Lead Analytics and Reporting:

It includes generating lead reports to obtain sales and marketing results. The reports brief you about the most prominent business leads and successful sales campaigns.

Solid Performers is the most dynamic, powerful, and result-oriented lead management platform for converting leads as customers. This custom-built lead management system offers services for efficiently managing leads and driving sales down the pipeline. It is a multi-feature online lead trading system that comes with an open-source facility.

Solid Performers is one of the most promising lead management Software in India. It brings forward real-time analytics, contact forms, and lead management at one simple and straightforward platform. It is a fully web-based system that combines a simple online form builder with a database. With an easy-to-use setup, convertible software can be installed quickly on your computer.

With Solid Performers, you’ll also have a better understanding of your company’s target audience. As you acquire sales leads, you can look into their respective information — as well as the businesses for which they work — to gain a clearer picture of their needs. Using Solid Performers, you can create stronger sales messages that drive sales success.

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Best Lead Management Software in India

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