CRM is a software solution that helps to streamline your companies leads, opportunities, appointments, sales, and support, by keeping the customer as the center of the process. It is a part of a successful sales process that involves taking advantage of all interactions with customers while making sure their experience is without additional inconvenience or burden. Solid performer is a Best CRM Software Provider in India.

Solid Performers CRM offers salespeople with the most prominent ability to work from their smartphones. This makes sure that they receive and get access to instant, up-to-date, and real-time insights on customer data. Our mobile CRM ensures that the sales team enjoys real-time and instant access to customer data so that they never miss out important client meet-ups and appointments thus, driving successful deal closure.

Solid Performers CRM Software to Leverage Social Media

Solid Performers CRM comes with the innate ability to integrate with social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. This will help your business to interact and connect with prospects and customers. This also helps the sales and marketing teams to not only engage with customers collaboratively but also helps them to generate quality leads, drive brand loyalty.

Customer Intelligence Platform to Empower Team Collaboration

Solid Performers CRM has all the vital customer data on a single platform and in a consolidated manner will help you to know your customers in a much better way. You can easily identify a customer’s buying pattern, purchase history, interests, location, etc.

Help your people collaborate like never before with Solid Performers CRM. Avoid data duplication and empower your marketing and salespeople to work in a smarter and faster way.

Features of Solid Performers CRM

       Provides Unmatched Customer Experience:

This includes Email, Telephone, Search Engine ads, Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. A business needs to be active on all platforms. Missing any one, those companies can lose a multitude of customers. Solid Performers CRM will help your business to effectively respond to their queries.

       Increases Productivity of the Sales Team:

The sales representatives are usually out on the field trying to sell the products and services of their company. Inputting data and keeping a constant check on administrative responsibilities only ads to their burden. Solid Performers CRM can automate such tasks and also provide them additional information about clients so that they can modify their approach. On the other hand, it also helps sales managers to check the progress of sales representatives in terms of their sales targets.

      Collaborates Different Teams:

Although only the sales team comes in direct contact with the clients, the pricing policy is not necessarily decided by them. Solid Performers CRM effectively collaborates with the product and sales department.

      Co-Operation With Vendors And Suppliers:

A well-established supply chain plays a main role in the success of a business. Solid Performers CRM help to compare prices and discounts offered by different suppliers and, keep track of meetings with vendors and invoices raised by them.

Benefits of Solid Performers Cloud CRM:

  • With Solid Performers CRM, Employees can log in and work from anytime, anywhere, and from any device.
  • There is no problem with installation as it need not be installed on every device. It operates from a central server that can be accessed through every authorized device.
  • It can be scaled speedily and hence the operation cost is low.
  • There are no server downtime issues because the software is updated in real-time by the cloud service provider.

Benefits of Solid Performers Mobile CRM

        It Encourages Better Collaboration Between Departments

With the help of Solid Performers mobile CRM, the flow of information will be actively synchronized between all the employees. This collaboration of information and ideas helps in smooth running of your business. Making up-to-date information available builds efficiency as well as the accuracy of all the departments.

        It Enables Social CRM

It is very easy to remain active on Social Media and at the same time access the Customer data through Solid Performers CRM thereby putting  good use by distributing the information across different teams such as sales, service, and marketing. With Solid Performers mobile CRM, your employees can interact with social media users in real-time.

       It Enhances The Customer Experience

To keep up with the Competitors, it is very necessary to help the customer post-sales as well so that it will boost up the confidence within the customers for your organization. Having fast, up-to-date access to customer data from your company’s data source can help them to achieve maximum efficiency even when out of the office.

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