Best CRM software in India

What are the top 5 important features?

Here are the top 5 things that you need to look for when you’re choosing a CRM for your business.

  1. Efficient & Easy to Use Lead Management Functions
  2. Advanced Sales Automation includes integration and automation
  3. Omnichannel Follow-Up Reminder System
  4. Maintain the complete history of communication with the lead
  5. High Flexibility in modifying the fields and other functions
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  1. Efficient and easy-to-use lead management system. – Primary purpose of using CRM software is to help you in generating more leads, close more leads, and increase your sales. Now, if the CRM software, that you are going to use is not that efficient to handle all the leads in a proper way. And if it is not easy for your sales team to use, they might not use the system in a proper way, which will end up in actual failure of implementing the CRM.

So if you don’t want that to happen, make sure to choose a CRM, which is very easy to use and it is very efficient in managing all the leads in a much better way.

  1. Advanced sales automation.- You have to choose the CRM which provides you with advanced sales automation which should include integration as well as following up with the leads on an automated basis. This is really required because whenever you are having this integration in place, all the leads from various sources, like your website, social media channels, ads, landing pages, LinkedIn, or whatever it is, all the leads will come directly to the CRM.

    And when you have the automation implemented in the CRM, then when a lead is received in your CRM, the lead will get allocated to your sales team automatically. And it’ll also send an automated welcome email or SMS to the leader who has made the inquiry.

Now, this is primarily important because when this automation is taking place, what happens is the lead is getting an intimation immediately so that they’re not looking out for any other alternate option instead, they’ll be waiting for your call.

So this makes the probability of your conversion higher. When combined with the normal scenario of doing all manual activities.

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  1. Omnichannel follow-up system. – Many, times, what happens is you’ll be having a lead in the CRM or in your Excel or whatever data management system you’re using, but you will not get an intimation regarding the follow that you have to follow with this particular lead today. And you will further do the follow-up, which leads to a loss of a lead, which again, leads to a loss of business revenue.

Now, you don’t want this to happen. Then you should choose a CRM, which is having an efficient follow-up system. The system should remind you properly when you need to perform the follow-up.

And it should also intimate you in various standards like WhatsApp, SMS, email, notification, and all possible mediums. Now what happens is even if you miss out in one place, you will obviously get an intimation from another place so that you will not miss out on the follow-up. That is again, a very important feature that you need to look out for when you’re using the CRM.

  1. Maintain the complete history of the communication that happens with the lead. – This is really important because what happens is over a period of time, you tend to forget what was your previous communication with this particular lead.

For example, you received a lead today. And if your sales team is calling them after a month and in between, they might have various follow-ups still after a month, they might not remember what exactly was a previous communication that they have had because they are noting down in a paper or in an Excel sheet and they might tend to forget the exact communication, but with the help of a CRM software, you can be able to manage all these things in an effective way.

If you take CRM software like Solid Performers CRM, you’ll be having a complete follow-up history where whatever update you have done from day one, till day hundred, also all these data will be easily available. And you can see all the data in just a click. That is what is really important when you’re choosing a CRM for yourself.

  1. Highly flexible enough to modify based on your business requirement.- Now, this is one of the primary factors, which many companies fail to see when they’re implementing a CRM and due to this, they are facing difficulty in implementing the CRM effectively in their organization.

For Example, Let’s take your company. I’m in your company for managing the lead. You are having 10 fields like name, contact number, email, the product or service they’re looking out for, and some other thing. Now I’m coming and telling you that I’m providing you with CRM and it is having 20 fields. Some might be unwanted fields, which your sales team might not use, but still, all these fields will be available. Now, if somebody is coming and telling you like that, and you are implementing the CRM.

Now what happens is you’ll be facing a lot of difficulties when you are implementing the same to the sales team, because the sales team find it very difficult to use the CRM, and they might feel so many unwanted things are there and they will get confused.

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Why this data is there all the time. And whenever a new person joins your team, you have to train them on a separate basis. This is how it works. These things are not required, no need to fill them. And this might lead to failure in implementing the CRM in an effective way.

If you have the flexibility to add delete and modify, whatever the fields are available in the CRM, based on your requirement, then it’ll be very simple. And your employees also can be able to use it in a much more effective way, because you cannot expect all of your employees to be like you. That is what is primarily important.

Now these are all the top five features, which you need to look out for in a CRM when you’re choosing the best CRM for your company.

I can surely say that Solid Performer CRM is one of the best CRM in India because it has got all these above-mentioned features implemented in a much better and more effective way. Now, if you don’t wish to believe my words in the description below, I have shared a link to get started with a free trial.

I highly recommend you to try all the free trials, use the system and then decide whether it meets all the requirements clearly or not. Now, once it meets all of your requirements, then you can choose whether you can continue with Solid Performers or not.


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