Best CRM for Small and Medium Companies

One of the biggest challenges of a small business is establishing an equilibrium between scaling up and generating a revenue. A key factor that can help to solve this problem is fixing your broken sales process and gaining visibility with the help of a CRM. Solid performer is a Best CRM for Small and Medium Companies in India. Solid performer is a software that gives a clear picture of your sales process by organizing all your contact information in one centralized system.

                             Benefits of Using CRM Software

  • Single Platform: Get a 360* view of your customer in one screen with a lead scoring yardstick to identify the most sales-ready prospects from the rest.
  • Mobility: Stay updated by accessing customer data that is automatically synced with the desktop version.
  • Visibility: Track each part of your sales process with a visual deal pipeline that enables you to forecast better.
  • Adapt Easily: Quick to set up and easy to use so you can use the free time to hire and train salespeople.
  • Automate Routine Tasks: Give your sales team a much-needed productivity boost by automating routine tasks like sending emails and entering data into the CRM

               Why Solid Performer is Better Than Other CRM

  • Track interactions over phone, email or chat
  • Schedule emails
  • Automate sales tasks

Solid performer CRM is a simple software designed specifically for small and medium companies to organize and maintain customer data in a single location with easy. Solid performer CRM is simple, pocket-friendly, and easy to set up and use. Solid performer is a best CRM with an affordable price.

Best CRM for Small and Medium Companies

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