CRM software has key features that help the IT industry immensely. The software is used to handle the leads. It is software used to maintain various tasks such as capturing the lead, track the leads, planning, qualify them, etc at one place. This will help the business to grow fast. In IT Companies CRM is used to maintain a good relationship with their customers. Solid performers is a Best CRM For IT Companies in India.

CRM software helps in getting attention because it enables businesses to stay updated with the needs of customers, which are constantly evolving. Rapid progress in the IT sector has especially enhanced the need for IT companies to adopt CRM software. CRM software enables businesses to build relations with customers and increase acquisition, retention, loyalty, and profitability.

Features of Solid Performers CRM to IT Companies

  • Automate Capture

    Every company wants to increase the ranking and to increase the ranks it is important to increase awareness. So, Solid performers helps to do all work automatically. When a visitor visits the site, then software automatically helps to generate the lead and work for it.

  • Lead Activity and Scheduling

    When the lead is captured, every lead is registered into a different account that will help to secure the data. All the data, the account is stored and manage with the help of CRM. This will further track the lead’s activity based on their accounts and also manage their works.

  • Reporting and Analyzing

    In Solid performers, clients can also do commenting, give feedback. This will help you to improve the business or sometimes you will get new ideas to run your business.

  • Data Securing

    Solid performers has all the records related to the leads and also more data is saved in it. This software takes the grantee to secure data safely.

Key Functions of Solid Performers CRM

  • Sales and Marketing

    Solid Performers CRM store information of leads from various sources like social media, offline marketing activities, business development, and more. Having all data in a single place makes it’s easy for businesses to manage their sales funnels and convert leads into customers. Business development managers use Solid Performers CRM to find lucrative up-selling and cross-selling opportunities and reach out to customers on time for the renewal of contracts and subscriptions.

  • Operations and Support

    Solid Performers record all interactions between the support teams and customers and also generate reports to show agent productivity. IT companies can thus improve their SLA’s and provide good service to their customers.

  • Analytics

    Solid performers CRM process, interpret and report the data of sales and operations to build a ideal customer and current performance of operations. This does not just enable companies to focus more on which marketing campaigns work, but also how they can improve operational efficiency. Employees also generate reports to share with their customers faster, and have to depend less on multiple tools for the same, since all the information become available in a single integrated tool.

How Solid Performers CRM Benefit IT Companies

  • Stable Growth-Developing the company scientifically and sustainably in the national and international landscape.
  • Improved Communication-Customers, partners, employees, and other stakeholders communicate in faster ways with each other.
  • Resource Management-Depending on the current and future market trends and the company’s goals, it can allocate resources and plan budgets.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction and LoyaltyTimely and efficient customer support helps companies to serve their customers better.

Components of a Solid Performers CRM For The IT Companies

  • Singular Database

    The database stores huge amounts of information of leads and manage customers from various sources like the website, exhibitions, social media, spreadsheets, and more, in a secure cloud-based platform. It also analyzes the data to provide a clear picture of the ideal customer for the company.

  • Mobile App

    It is easy-to-use, mobile app tracks everything regarding sales and project management and makes it visible real-time on configured mobile devices. This means people no longer need to be limited to their workstations.

  • Integrated Telephony

    An integrated telephony system enables the right agents to handle relevant customer queries. Calls can be separated by skill, issue, priority, and more. Managers can also generate reports to track their agents’ productivity.

  • Customer Support

    Along with telephony, IT companies can also provide customers with a tool to create tickets for their concerns and queries, then it is answered by web-based and chat-based support teams. In all this, customers can track the status of their tickets.

  • Automated Reminders

    Managers can set reminders to follow up on meetings and quotations, remind customers about subscription renewals, connect for service appointments, project discussions, and more.

Why Solid Performers CRM is Better Than Other CRM

  • Handle the lead
  • Lead tracking
  • Automate Email
  • Time-saving
  • Increase the efficiency of work
  • Build transparency
  • Data securing
  • Cost efficiency
  • Plan daily work

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