Cloud telephony CRM is the new age business communication model that serves from a cloud that replaces the traditional method of business communication through external hardware. Solid performer is a Best Cloud Telephony Integrated CRM in India which the follows new age communication model from which you can offer superior business communication platform to your clients.

Solid performer completely shifts the entire business telephony system to cloud which reduces the hardware installation, setup, and maintenance cost. It allows a real-time Call monitoring feature through which live customer calls can be tracked in the dashboard.

Experience The Power of Solid Performers Cloud Based Telephony Integrated CRM

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership With Our Cloud Telephony System

Solid Performers cloud-based telephony CRM reduces your overheads. Zero hardware requirement, zero installation charges, and no maintenance. All you need is the internet to get started with our cloud based telephony CRM.

Track and Record Business Communication From all Sources

Use our proprietary Distributed call center technology to record and track conversations across all mobile phones of sales and support teams

Secure Your Data With Our Cloud Telephony System

Cloud Telephony allows all your valuable client data is stored on the cloud in Solid Performers reliable and SLA compliant secure data centers.

How Solid Performers Cloud Telephony Help Your Business

Integrate Solid Performers CRM With Cloud Telephony Solution Easily

Seamlessly integrate Solid cloud telephony software with CRM systems to maintain your database and caller history

Multi-level IVR With Programmable Extensions

Solid Performers hosted telephony allow you to configure sophisticated IVR call flows with multiple menus as well as sub-menu options

Real-Time Analytics on Your Cloud Telephony Software

Record all calls, maintain call logs, and share the status of the call. Get comprehensible continuous tracking reports customized as per requirement

Minimal Installation Time

Quick and easy setup with instant activations of the cloud-based telephony solution. No, IT support or maintenance required

Benefits Of Solid Performers CRM And Cloud Telephony Integration

The main benefit of cloud telephony is people get a lot of flexibility in work. Call center personnel can operate remotely and thus have an option to work from home. Apart from the low probability of data loss and precise logging of information, Solid Performers CRM and cloud telephony allow for more speed and higher employee productivity.

1. Minimum Human Intervention

Integration leads to a greater amount of energy and time with CRM users. Efficient information management system focus on catering to the customer’s needs. Fusing the powers of computers and telephone creates an environment armed with information that can be transformed into meaningful insights. Automatic dialing through CTI eliminates long hours spent on dialling the contacts.

2. Track Information From Other Sources

Some events are not recorded directly in the CRM such as text messages, personal dialogues, and Social media messages. The telephony solution comes with tools that will help you keep track of information you receive from other sources. Once the information is available at a singular spot, you can comfortably reach out to it while in need.

3. Improved Data Analysis

Customer needs can be clearly understood by analyzing data. With CTI and Solid Performers CRM coming together, series of data-related functions can be executed with high efficiency: utilizing records for business planning, tracking and logging of calls, and acquisition of information in CRM following every call. In this way, business leaders have insights for better decision making.

we offer important core features like live call, users online and offline status, call transfer, and call recording which helps to improve the performance of the user and to increase productivity.

Solid performer is a no1 Cloud Telephony Integrated CRM in India with a strong communication setup built-in cloud to serve all your clients effectively through a cloud, powerful dashboard features. We ensure our clients through best cloud telephony CRM through which they can monitor and manage all their user’s performance and communication processes from anywhere. Solid performer allows your users to receive business calls from anywhere without worrying about office setup by this feature all your customer calls will get responded instantly.

Features of Solid Performer Cloud Telephony Integrated CRM

  • Easy to setup and no installation
  • Real-time call monitoring
  • No hardware required

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