Best B2B CRM Software in India

               Best B2B CRM Software in India

CRM needs for a B2B organization, are not quite the same as it is for a B2C organization. We, at Solid Performer, understand this and have created the ultimate CRM solution for B2B organizations. Our CRM solution uses the best technology to offer for B2B CRM needs. Solid Performer is known as Best B2B CRM Software in India.

Solid Performer has created a CRM solution for B2B clients that will help you understand your customers in the manner it is required. Our B2B system will furnish you with all the relevant data about your customers and help you to improve your relationship with your customers.

Our software is equipped to track and target customers, providing better success to the sales team. It identifies lead sources and has a comprehensive lead tracking system for a better lead conversion rate. It also provides agent activity reports and other vital information with dashboards.

Features & Advantages of Solid Performer B2B Software

  • Enhanced Opportunity Management
  • Integrated assistance across channels
  • Better Customer Service efficiency
  • Superior Cost Optimisation
  • Management of follow-up activities, and Lead Recycling and Routing
  • Automatic call prioritization
  • Better customization of products and services

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Best B2B CRM Software in India

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