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Visa & Immigration CRM Software
Enquiry till Closure and more

Visa & Immigration CRM

Managing the end to end document of a person and processing the visa process with multiple stages is made simple with the help of Solid Performers CRM. Manage the complete life cycle from the time when they are just enquires, till they became your client in a single system.

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Responsive CRM
How it Helps?

Top Reasons to Choose Us

Custom Fields

We provide you with various default field in different modules. Apart from this, we also provide you to add the custom field of your own choice based on your business.

Track the enquiries

Monitor activity at every stage and know if the deal is headed towards closure. This helps in better prospecting of leads and gives the entire sales team a clarity.


Manage all the documents of the students in their profile,. This will help you to access the data of the students in the future at any point in time.

Email Campaign

Running email campaigns helps you in creating awareness about your product and service among prospects and clients. Generate more leads easily.


Centralise all your data across various sources on a unified platform. Collect all the data in one place and perform various functions in one place.

Timely Reminders

Never miss a followup from now on. Get daily & hourly followup updates on a seperate page with the option to filter and contact them based on various criterias.

All in One CRM

Manage your complete business process flow end to end from collecting an enquiry till its closure with post booking service & support functions.

Multiple Sources

Collect all your enquiries from various channels into our CRM directly. Send them an automated welcome email or sms to get the prospect active.

Detailed Report

CRM helps you to track the performance of every lead, client, deal or contact reports and as well as the performance for your sales executive easily.

Lead Management Visa and Immigration CRM

Enquiry Management

Lead Management is the primary task and backbone for any successful business. Solid Performers Immigration CRM allows you to consolidate your customer’s information in one shell. Your prospects can convert into clients only when you manage your leads in a streamlined way. To process the continuity one can allocate lead to other user. Lead management also allows you to edit your data as per your requirement.

Client Management Visa and Immigration CRM

Customer Management

Creating update these days under lead and clients is the most important part of Visa an Immigration Industry. Getting a workload makes people forget sometimes about the important work which they have to do but here CRM helps reminding you about the update that you have created. Creating update allows you and your customers to understand each other in a finer way.

In Process / Discussion Management Visa and Immigration CRM

In Process / Discussion Management

With this module of Solid Performers CRM you can note down all your discussion with particular prospect like eligibility criteria matches or not and all other information of that prospect. CRM helps you with the smooth workflow for your organization. With this entire feature you can also add and save all the documents sent by the prospect to you.

Proposal Management Visa and Immigration CRM

Proposal Management

Create proposal for your prospects consisting whatever service you are proving and what are the specification of that service and you can also add tax. You can create a template for proposal like for person applying for VISA or Someone migrating to different country. Default settings and different style for proposal are possible in order to save your time.

Invoice Management Visa and Immigration CRM

Invoice Management

You can create invoice for your customers and check the entire invoice under you client for future reference. You can simplify your work by creating the quotation and you can send via WhatsApp directly or you can also download the pdf. Using CRM you can not only create invoice but also you can keep a track of all invoice payments for years.

Under Process Management Visa and Immigration CRM

Under Process Management

Maintaining conversation and progress of any work and the same point of time updating you client is the most important part of VISA and Immigration industry. You can maintain the VISA approval or any other application under this module and you can also update your clients about the progress in their work.

Service Management Visa and Immigration CRM

Service Management

Solid Performers CRM makes it easy for you to manage your multiple services in CRM. While creating any service you can add the description of the service that what all things will be included and with that you can also add the tax for the particular service. It helps you at the time of creating invoice by allowing you to select the existing item from your services list.

Employee Management Visa and Immigration CRM

Employee Management

Solid Performers CRM allows you to create employees account and give them permission and restriction them from some feature by creating their roles. Employee Management module allows you to track the entire work cycle of your employees from prospects, clients to task allocated to them and then actions of your employees. This will improve your business workflow.

Support Management Visa and Immigration CRM

Support Management

Create support ticket and manage your customer’s complaints under support module. It allows you to take immediate action on your customer complain. Once the complaints are registered one ticket ID is generated that you can share it to you customer via email or sms. You can also allocate that support to your employee to resolve the issue.

Timesheet Management Visa and Immigration CRM

Timesheet Management

You can check the daily paunch-in and punch-out of your employees. Timesheet also allows you get an option to add any remark like if you are late in your punch-in or you are taking off in half day then you can add a remark saying why you were late. Admin of the CRM can track timesheet of all their employees.

Vendor Management Visa and Immigration CRM

Vendor Management

Manage your multiple vendor’s details in Solid Performers CRM and check easily in one click by filtering it. You can also create vendor category and simply categorize the vendor’s for quick access. You can also create PO for your vendors from the CRM and manage their payments easily from here. Purchase order status can also be tracked from here.

PO Management Visa and Immigration CRM

PO Management

Solid performers CRM allows you to create & manage purchase order. You can specify and authorize the purchase from their suppliers or vendors as it helps to your business operation to run smoothly and in an organized way. In short you can maintain the detailed record which helps you at the time of auditing.

Leading CRM for visa and immigration consultants

Solid Performers aim in making the best CRM for all the immigration companies and that will be of good hold to get a CRM software for such companies.

Need of CRM for immigration companies:

If the CRM is provided to any of the immigration companies, then they will be able to solve most of their problems related to that consultancy. You can make use of Solid performers CRM to make your business smoothly. We are specialized in end-to-end solutions and give you the best CRM software for immigration consultants.

Visa and immigration CRM:

We cover mostly all the features that will help them to solve most of the problems within their brand. These visa and immigration consultancies may be of small or large-sized enterprises, but the one which we make holds the best CRM software.

How do we help you?

We build the best CRM software that makes you at complete ease. You can automatically acquire new types of leads who are willing to immigrate from different sources. All the types of leads will be properly streamlined and the updates in accordance with the lead are also maintained correctly. Solid performers will keep a proper follow-up with the lead and any notifications will be made easily identified.

  • Solid performers will make the best CRM software for visa and immigration by allowing you to manage the lead’s data and status that are popping up. You can drag and drop any type of lead so that it will be helpful for you to change the details accordingly.
  • We will help you to reduce all the confusing and annoying paper works and hence the work can be easily completed on time effectively. The work efficiency and the accuracy will be greatly increased.
  • In the viewpoint of managing all the processes involved here, we will help you to manage and transfer all the leads to other consultants or advisors so that the continuity of the process won’t be affected.
  • Solid performers will build the system that greatly manages and stores all the documents such as medical certificates, visa applications, and bank debt clearance certificates, and so on. All these will be very helpful to track the visa and immigration processes.
  • The best CRM for the visa and immigration process integrates some of the SMS and email alert tools that will help you to manage the upcoming payments, pending fee notifications, or the addition of any other documents.
  • Anytime you can add, edit or manage the leads effectively.
  • We always use the cloud space to store the data as all the data of the CRM software will be handled. Suppose any error or malfunction happens in the hardware, we can easily retrieve it from the cloud system.
  • By doing regular application and monitoring of the CRM software, all the reports generated will be overviewed greatly.
CRM for visa and immigration companies:

Over recent times, there is staggering growth in visa and immigration companies. Hence we properly align the best CRM software for the visa and immigration processes. People are migrating from one place to another and hence the management of all these data is very difficult to process. Solid performers hold valuable tools and techniques by building the best CRM software for these kinds of companies.

  • Solid performers will build the easy-to-use CRM software for visa and immigration companies. This cloud-based CRM solution will benefit you in such a way you can easily access any type of module you need.
  • We find that the salespeople who are in the front-end processes will experience great difficulty to manage the hundreds and thousands of leads. In such cases, we help them to manage those difficulties in a single software. We open up a wide variety of options like calls, reminders, meeting schedules, and our sales module will suffice all the things you need.
  • When coming to handle all the financial processes involved with this visa and immigration company we effortlessly bring in the solution by properly tracking the payment processes of the system. You can clearly watch and handle the money flow in your business-oriented to the visa and immigration processes.
  • For all the companies and businesses, the operations team plays a vital role. Solid performers will design you the entire solution for managing and tracking the best CRM software for the visa and immigration processes. Starting from assigning all the cases, managing with the pending payments, and other related activities are made at ease.
  • We will also maintain privacy by following up on all the norms related to the major privacy statements.
Why choose us?

We make the best and the leading CRM software for the visa and immigration processes by effortlessly monitoring the clients. Solid performers will build the software with the automated lead proceedings that are checked regularly and it is fully made flexible to the clients. Only when we face flexibility by using the CRM software for the visa and immigration process, there will be complete ease.