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Sales & Marketing CRM

Our CRM is created to boost your sales efforts and sales. Marketing is a crucial and primary stage of any organization and the data coming out from those marketing are also very important and that has to be saved in a proper manner. You can get leads from different sources in one list.

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All in One CRM

Manage your complete business process flow end to end from collecting an enquiry till its closure with post booking service & support functions.

Multiple Sources

Collect all your enquiries from various channels into our CRM directly. Send them an automated welcome email or sms to get the prospect active.

Timely Reminders

Never miss a followup from now on. Get daily & hourly followup updates on a seperate page with the option to filter and contact them based on various criterias.

Document Management

Collect all related documents regarding the service and manage all the documents under every enquiry or customer. No need to search for it everytime.

Send Proposal & Invoice

You can directly send proposal as well as invoice directly from the CRM instead of using multiple systems. You can also monitor payments from here.

Click to

Convert an enquiry to a customer in one click by capturing all the data entered during the enquiry stage to a client stage. Never redo the same work again and again.

Custom Reports

Generate custom reports based on various criterias and between a particular timeline. Various types of reports are available to improve your business growth.

Vendor Management

As this is an all in one solution, you can also be able to create and manage the vendors as well as their purchase orders & payments using our system.

Calculate Profit

You can monitor the income and expense with the help of our system which will help you to easily calculate your profit as everything is documented over here.

Lead Management Sales and Marketing CRM

Lead Management

All the incoming leads are managed efficiently with the lead management section in our CRM software. The entire sales activities, contact history and other multiple data are effectively managed and allocated in appropriate sections. The incoming calls are noted and the leads analyzed and nurtured so that they can convert to new business opportunities. You can get constant attention in your sales process by easily tracking their activities.

Client Management Sales and Marketing CRM

Client Management

The incoming calls are maintained regularly in a proper sequence with the date and the time noted perfectly. They are qualified and then the clients are managed by making regular contact with them to check the status. All the status will be updated in a periodic manner so that the management of the clients can be tracked efficiently. Client management must be managed with more care as the clients must be kept in frequent touch to get the updates.

Follow-up Management Sales and Marketing CRM

Follow-up Management

The best and the authenticated method to keep the clients engaged and also to keep a proper track with the clients, follow up management must be maintained properly. We make regular follow ups with the clients and also maintain a record of the updates taken from the client side. In sales and marketing CRM, a proper maintenance is needed while managing the clients. The data that is being noted down is maintained precisely that will help for further communications with the client.

Email & SMS Automation Sales and Marketing CRM

Email & SMS Automation

While managing the clients, we take the updates according to the sales process. In such cases, you can create templates and can send bulk automation messages and emails in accordance with the sales process. These kinds of automations will help you to save the time. You can fix the automated message templates and can customize according to the updated sales process happening in your company.

Email & SMS Templates Sales and Marketing CRM

Email & SMS Templates

By sending automated email and SMS, you can quickly get in touch with the customer. We provide you the most flexible CRM for sales and marketing with the customizable templates for email and SMS. You can choose your own template for sending the messages and can change at any time. You can decide to send the messages as per your sales process that is currently going on in the team.

Contact Management Sales and Marketing CRM

Contact Management

Easily store, find and customize the contacts as per your needs. The information such as name, address, telephone number and some more related fields can be opened according to your needs. This integrated software will help you to automatically track the information such as the communication details that are linked to the contacts. You can make changes to the database at any time you need. All the business information shared by those stored contacts is maintained effectively without any loss of data.

Deal Management Sales and Marketing CRM

Deal Management

Get the best customer support and marketing automation with us. Based on your needs you can create your own forms to organize the deals. This happens simply with the drag and drop functions. Closing a deal will need an effective management, so we bring you the most flexible deal management functions with many customizable features. If you are getting piles up with so many deals, you can easily manage them with the custom filter that we add on to this software. You can manage your sales pipeline without any confusion with the customizable features.

Proposal Management Sales and Marketing CRM

Proposal Management

Make the customized proposals easily with our CRM software, wherein we build the software with the predefined settings. You can make certain settings in prior with the software, so that you don’t want to create the settings every time a proposal is added. Once you make the settings with the software, it will be automatically diverted to all the proposals. With the single click you can duplicate or convert a proposal to invoice. We will provide you the software that helps you in handling single proposals or multiple proposals at a time. You can also import the proposal templates by using our software and make professional and different proposals based on your business needs.

Lead Management Sales and Marketing CRM

Invoice Management

Worried to handle multiple invoices at a time? After converting a proposal into an invoice with our software, the clients can make payments easily without entering the same details again. By adding the bank details with the invoice in prior, the clients can make their payments without waiting for you to provide the details. All the bunch of invoices can be managed very easily by our software. When the confirmation is received, the proposals can be converted to PI and vice versa which is easy to manage and use both for the client and the user.

Packages Management Sales and Marketing CRM

Packages Management

Our software will provide you the package management system that will bring you the automation for maintaining the packages within the team. The installation, up gradations, configuration processes and the computers operating system will be managed more effectively. By making use of our software, all the managements related to package can be made more consistently.

Campaign Management Sales and Marketing CRM

Campaign Management

The productivity and the ROI of your campaigns will be tracked easily with the aim of making better investments in the future. According to your needs, a large number of sub campaigns can also be created to track the leads from different sources. By making your investments in a proper manner, you can experience very low chances of losing your business. Online campaigns can be tracked and also ROI from the offline campaigns can be tracked for the betterment with your business by making intelligent investments.

Email Campaign Management Sales and Marketing CRM

Email Campaign Management

With single software you can get in touch with your leads constantly by doing timely email campaigns. From our CRM, you can directly send the emails by making use of the email campaign modules. You can keep you list ready to send the mails as quick as possible to get in touch with your leads. But, how do you make sure that the emails are delivered properly? In such cases, you can also track the emails within the CRM system in less than an hour.

CRM Software Solutions For Getting Your Sales And Marketing Organized

Reasons Why Sales And Marketing Team Must Use CRM Software Solutions Now!

The aim of every business is to maximize its sales and profits. All marketing campaigns are done in order to maximize sales.

The only solution for getting maximum ROI (Return on Investment) for your marketing campaigns is by using CRM Software Solutions.

Sales and Marketing must be integrated into a single CRM Software to get the best results for your business.

Best CRM Software tools will give you a centralized database for your business that can improve your end result.

CRM Software Solutions For Marketing & Sales:

The right Marketing Strategies can take your business to a peak by giving you more quality leads.

A successful Marketing Campaign is a result of using the Right Marketing tools.

CRM Software Solutions is the Right Marketing Tool that will help you to do your business effortlessly and bring in more sales.

CRM Software is a one-stop solution for getting all the needed information.

CRM Software will help in generating analysis and reports that can help you choose the right ways of marketing and sales.

CRM Software Solutions can also be greatly beneficial for small and medium enterprises.

Sales and Marketing Automation with CRM Software will help small and medium businesses to overcome their current challenges with limited resources.

CRM Software Solutions helps you to track, analyze and utilize big data in a centralized place.

This Centralized data will help you in getting insight on lead flow and will help you to increase conversion rate.

How To Find Best Sales & Marketing CRM Software Solutions:

In order to find the best CRM Software tools, just assure that the CRM software you have chosen has these features:

  • Firstly, assure that the CRM Software tools you have chosen assure Data Security:

With the CRM Software Solutions chosen, you must assure that your data is protected from third-party access or unauthorized use.

Data is crucial for every business. It is the sole key for maintaining your brand's reputation.

  • It must help in getting Right Analysis:

Every lead you get will not convert into sales. You must get the right leads that can convert into sales.

To get the right leads, it must reach the target audience.

The right analytics from CRM Software Solution can help you reach the target audience for getting quality leads.

CRM Software can take customer data from different platforms and can give you the right insights for planning effective marketing strategies.

The Right Marketing analysis will help in finding effective ways for Customer Retention.

  • Data Integration Feature

The Data Integration feature is an essential factor to consider while choosing the best CRM Software tools.

With the help of the integration of platforms, you can come to easy analysis and reports.

The marketing and sales platform must be integrated to get a measurable result.

  • It must help in getting Organic Traffic

The CRM Software tools must help in building Organic Relationships with the customers.

Organic Traffic can only be built by streamlining effective communication with the customers by using CRM Software Tools.

Customer engagement is a crucial aspect for any business to drive quality Organic Traffic. For this, the CRM Software Tools you are using must give enhancive customer support services like easiness in booking appointments.

CRM Software Tools For Automating Marketing And Sales:

We all have heard about Workflow Automation and how it helps every business.

Automation saves time and enhances quality in Sales and Marketing.

The unproductive activities can be automated to save time and save the workforce from getting exhausted with mechanical tasks.

The saved time and labor could be therefore used for productive activities. This is how automation helps businesses.

The Marketing and Sales processes have a lot of mundane tasks that can be automated.

Here is the list of functions in Marketing and Sales that can be automated for saving time and labour:

-Data Entry

-Leads Management

-Marketing Mails

-Follow-up communication

There are many reasons for automating your Sales and Marketing activities for your business.

Here is why:

-Automation helps in increasing the efficiency of your workflow.

-Automation also helps in increasing the accuracy of your work.

-Automation increases productivity because the workforce could focus on core business activities and could find something innovative

-Automation helps in bringing in more Capital and Employee satisfaction

-Automation helps in generating and connecting with leads at a faster rate thereby helping with effective marketing communication.

Automation is therefore necessary for enhancing the workflow and productivity of your business.

Marketing and Sales Automation is more of a Necessity than a Choice.

SolidPerformers brings for you Integrated CRM Software Solutions for Sales and Marketing that ensures easiness of use, flexibility and that can bring in an attractive number of leads.

Best CRM Software Tools:

SolidPerformers can give you an effective Automation solution with the best CRM Software Tools for the Marketing and Sales of your business.

SolidPerformers gives you a CRM Software Solution with these in-built features:

-Integrated Platform for easy Analysis and Reporting of Data.

-Marketing and Sales Analytics Dashboard with deep Insights for your business.

-Find Key Performance Indicators (KIP) of your business with effective Analytics.

-Performance Analytics to improve Marketing Campaigns.

-Powerful Business Intelligence Report.

-Automation in Data Entry, Tracking, and Follow Up.

-Effective Streamlining of Communication

-Effective Forecasting with best CRM Tools.

The Best CRM Software Tools for Sales and Marketing offered by Solid Performers help you to Centralize, Manage, and Track and retain your leads for building long-term relationships with your customers. We develop the best CRM for the sales and marketing processes with the aim of bringing the best and the most flexible service to the users.

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