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Project Management CRM Software

Project Management

Working on a Project with different team members might be difficult before but not anymore. With the hlp of our system, you can manage the projects and the sub tasks associated with it in a seamless environment.

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Track Deliverables

With the help of Solid Performers Project Management tool, you can create and manage multiple projects as well as create multiple tasks under a single project and allocate them to different team members based on your requirement. Easily monitor the progress and End of the Day Updates about the progress of the tasks or overall project.

How it Works & Helps?
Project Management CRM Software

Amazing features

Robust Team Management with Quick Task, Task & Project Management

Workflow Management

Predefine the process workflow of the project which will automate the entire project without much of a manual intervention.

Task View

Switch your project to task view to view all the tasks that needs to be completed for the day or for any other purpose. We are here to provide you with the flexibility.

Track Time Spent

At the end of the day, the completed work as well as the time spent on the same can be recorded and monitored from here. Track each and everything in an effective way.

Project Templates

If you are working on a similar kind of repetitive projects, then you can create a template once and import the template whenever required. This will import the entire project which includes all its related tasks as well.

Roll Back

If the project needs to be revised in the middle, it can be sent back to the same person who did the work previously with the comment to perform the correct action once again based on the process flow.

Quick Tasks

If you want to allocate a minor task to your team member, simply allocate using quick task and document everything in an easy way. With the help of quick task, you can not only track the regular activity but also the overdue activity as well.


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