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OEM Manufacturing CRM Software
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Manufacturing CRM

Performance of your organization and your workflow can be optimized for better output. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) can manage their workflow with Solid Performers CRM in an organized manner. You can also get third party integration to make CRM an ideal solution for your organization. You can store data of your leads and clients and keep the entire communication record for future reference. CRM allows you to have real time access from any device.

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Top Reasons to Choose Us

All in One CRM

Manage your complete business process flow end to end from collecting an enquiry till its closure with post booking service & support functions.

Multiple Sources

Collect all your enquiries from various channels into our CRM directly. Send them an automated welcome email or sms to get the prospect active.

Timely Reminders

Never miss a followup from now on. Get daily & hourly followup updates on a seperate page with the option to filter and contact them based on various criterias.


Collect all related documents regarding the service and manage all the documents under every enquiry or customer. No need to search for it everytime. Our system will accept various formats.


Tasks and notifications in the calendar are a handy CRM feature for patients. The system informs you about complete schedule for the doctors in one view. You can also get the overview of leads.

Click to Convert

In a well-designed CRM, convert your lead to a client in one click and with that get all the details mapped in client page. Do things faster and smarter. Also get the details of clients in one view.

Automated Process

Standardize your workflow with CRM and automate every stage from lead allocation to auto email and sms triggers.


Be up to date and never miss a follow-up. Get prior notification for all the follow-up updates for leads and clients

Easy Access

Access the CRM from anywhere using any device. Our mobile application allows you to work from any location.

Lead Management CRM for Manufacturing Industry

Lead Management

With this phenomenal CRM get integrated from third party and get leads from different sources or add manually data’s in CRM and view all the update of your lead in the view section. You can quickly search and filtering data based on date, contact, name, group, status. It helps you to segregate and see which product or services are meeting customer demands in market.

Client Management CRM for Manufacturing Industry

Client Management

Meet your client’s requirement and satisfy them with you products. Satisfied clients are the important pillar of any successful organization and in order to gain their loyalty and for better understanding CRM is proved to be beneficial. OEM Manufacturers needs to adapt the strategy of maintaining long term relation with their clients and here CRM helps you in maintain relation.

Proposal Management CRM for Manufacturing Industry

Proposal Management

Creating and maintaining proposal and searching them whenever required manually are tough task for OEM Manufacturers. In the vast demands of OEM products CRM allows you to focus on your clients by simplifying you work load of maintaining proposal and searching. CRM allows you to see the entire proposal created under your lead and client

Invoice Management CRM for Manufacturing Industry

Invoice Management

You can convert you proposal into invoice in one click. You can also lower down your workload by creating the quotation and you can send via WhatsApp directly or you can also download the pdf. Default setting for invoice is also possible and all invoices will be recorded in the clients profile for future reference.

Contact Management CRM for Manufacturing Industry

Contact Management

With Solid Performers CRM you can now create, store, manage and customize the contact. With quickly searchable feature in the CRM you can check the contact of any person and you can link up with the client. CRM allows you to automatically track the information such as communication details that are linked to the contacts.

Task Management CRM for Manufacturing Industry

Task Management

Create multiple tasks in Solid Performer CRM and mention the due date of the task, description of task and you can also put the priority of the task whether is urgent or not. While creating a task you can allocate it to your employee and they will receive a notification that they have been allocated a task. Task management brings the effectiveness and efficiency in the workflow.

Product Management CRM for Manufacturing Industry

Product Management

Create and manage the detailed record of your product. You can also manage the inventories of that particular product with their pricing and tax’s. It helps you at the time of creating invoice by allowing you to select the existing item from your product list. We provide your real time access to your sales reps via mobile application or browser.

Project Management CRM for Manufacturing Industry

Project Management

Creating and managing your projects is an essential part for OEM Manufacturing industries. Using Solid performers CRM you can create a project with the start date- end date and can allocate it to your employee. Sub task can also be created and CRM allows your user to update the task progress. You can keep a track of the task progress assigned to the team.

Timesheet Management CRM for Manufacturing Industry

Timesheet Management

Solid Performer CRM allows you to check daily punch-in & punch-out of your employees. Admin of the CRM can track timesheet of all their employees. This module also helps you in adding any remark in their timesheet.

Best CRM Solutions For Manufacturing Industry

Get Unique CRM Solutions for Your Manufacturing Industry

In this competitive world, businesses must share the right information effectively. The communication barrier between Service Providers and Customers is a growing challenge for businesses.

CRM Software is the solution for this challenge. CRM helps a business in enabling the organization to understand customers’ behavior and provide quality services.

With CRM Software for your Manufacturing industry, you get access to a centralized location for storing, accessing, and retrieving information relevant to your business like customer data and account transactions.

The benefits Of Using CRM Softwares are many. You can see higher levels of customer engagement, brand loyalty, increased revenue, and cost-effective sales and marketing solutions.

 CRM for Manufacturing Industry:

Finding buyers and retaining them is a challenging part of the Manufacturing industry. CRM Software Solutions can be used from manufacturing to inventory management.

CRM is unique for each industry; CRM Solutions that worked well in the healthcare industry won’t work well in the Manufacturing industry.

For a Manufacturing business, manufacturing alone is not its primary goal. Sales of a product are also as important as manufacturing. CRM Software gives you tools to help you manage the relationship with suppliers and customers.

The relationship between suppliers and customers can be greatly beneficial as it helps you to refine your processes. You can also improve production forecasting and this has got potentiality to reduce the cost burden.

CRM Software Solutions helps both the Retailers and Wholesalers in the Manufacturing Industry. The integration of Management systems like inventory, sales, marketing reduces the burden and helps in optimizing productivity and customer satisfaction.

Solid Performers gives the best CRM Software Solutions to streamline customer data and improve the products and services quality of a Manufacturing business.

How To Choose the best CRM for your Manufacturing Business:

Ensure that the CRM Software you are going to choose has the following requirements:

-Ensure it has Remote or Mobile Access

-Ensure ease of use

-It must be Flexible and Scalable

-It must have Right Functionality

-Ensure CRM Software has Integrated Management System

-It must be Cost-effective

-It must have good Customer Support Services

-Security is also a key factor in CRM Softwares

-Ensure it has Sales, Marketing and Service Automation

-Good CRM Solutions uses Business Intelligence and gives you timely reports

-Ensure it has integrated Management Softwares for managing Database, Marketing, and Sales

Solid Performers gives you unique CRM Software Solutions that satisfy all these requirements and it can guarantee you back increased sales, increased brand loyalty, and increased profits.

Benefits of using CRM Software in Manufacturing Industry:

  1. Retaining Customers with CRM:

CRM Solutions helps a Manufacturing Industry for retaining its customers by giving solutions to the four basic questions of a Manufacturing business:

  • Who are our Customers?
  • What do they buy?
  • How do they buy?
  • How do they come to know about our business?
  1. Helps in Integration:

CRM Software helps in the integration of Inventory Management, Customer Communication, Sales, and Marketing.

The CRM Software also lets you collaborate by giving tools to share your information among teams, departments, internal and external stakeholders.

  1. Helps in developing Plan Of Action:

CRM Software helps in designing a clear-cut Plan Of Action for Sales, helps in improving standards, and in finding unique opportunities with analytical reports.

Modern CRM Software allows your Plan Of Action to reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

  1. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

CRM Software helps in acquiring, differentiating, and analyzing customer data for optimizing productivity and thereby helps in giving enhanced customer satisfaction.

With CRM Softwares, you can also get deep customer insights. It helps you to get real-time customer analytics that gives you a chance to seize new sales opportunities, manage effective campaigns and offer personalized services.

How CRM is changing the Manufacturing Industry?

  1. Delivering Specific Info:

CRM Softwares can collect information on popular and underperforming customer sales, information of prospective clients. This information can help Manufacturing businesses to plan for sales and marketing.

  1. Automation Of Processes:
  • Sales Automation:

CRM Solutions can automate your sales process. It helps in automation by setting standards for acquiring and retaining customers.

Sales Automation includes:

-Lead Management

-Contact Management

-Quote-to-order Management

  • Marketing Automation:

The CRM Solution gives you the best ways for marketing by automated:


-Phone Calls

-Social Media Ads

  • Service Automation:

The CRM Software helps you to retain customers by giving quality services and building stronger relations.

  • Helps in fixing customers problem
  • Customer Call Management
  • Service Label Management
  1. Analytical CRM:

This CRM solution helps you to analyze and gather information. It includes:

-Gathering information from different channels and analyzing it in a structured way

-Helps the Manufacturing industry to set a methodology.

-Helps in analyzing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of your Manufacturing business

  1. Inventory Management:

CRM Solutions gives you on-time sales reports and inventory stocks of your storehouse which helps in the effective management of inventory stocks.

Best CRM Software Tools for Manufacturing Industry:

Solid Performers gives you Unique CRM Solutions for your Manufacturing business.

With these Customized CRM Software Solutions, you can experience:

-Higher level of customer engagement

-Higher level of Brand loyalty

-Higher Revenue

-Lower Cost Setup

The Solid Performers CRM Software solutions give you fully Integrated CRM Software tools for your Manufacturing industry.

Solid Performers ensures that you have unique CRM Software to give you a stand ahead of competitors.

Get Comprehensive Customer Analysis at your fingertips to ultimately increase customer satisfaction and increased sales.

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