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Interior Designing CRM Software
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Interior Designing CRM

Our CRM will not only help you to manage your enquiries, clients, proposals & invoices but also help you to perform the entire project management. It help you to keep track of all the projects & its tasks along with documentation which are connected with each project.

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How it Helps?

Top Reasons to Choose Us

All in One CRM

CRM allows you to keep the records from all your sources in one place and perform all the related functions from our CRM itself instead of using multiple systems.

Link Modules

Our CRM gives multiple of module where you can link with various other modules, so that the information mentioned in one module can be linked with other.

Contact Synching

Sync all your CRM contacts with your phone using google contacts synching function which will make your work faster and easier in managing the contacts.

Simplify the Contract

Store contract for easy retrieval, accelerate your contract negotiation and close deals faster. Effectively collaborate with your team and work togather.

Data Management

Manage all your services with their price, taxes and description of your services. We give the options to add custom field which is required for your industry.

Vendor Management

Simplify your workflow and start maintaining database of all your vendors in Solid Performers CRM. You can create and manage PO also in the system easily.

Project Management

Our system takes care of the product being delivered, makes sure that it is the right thing, and creates real value. Give access to your customer as well to track.

Monitor your Users

Solid Performers CRM helps you to manage your employees, timesheet, where you can track their performance and their total number of work hours.

Email Campaign

Running email campaigns helps you in creating awareness about your product and service among prospects and clients. Generate more leads quickly with us.

Lead Management Software for Interior Designers

Lead Management

Generate Leads from multiple channels. You can segregate view of lead source wise, status wise, priority wise. You can allocate task to specific team with specific design or format. You can save their queries or information of particular lead as note in lead management. Can Upload images or designs for a particular lead.

Customer Management Software for Interior Designers

Customer Management

Customers can be created directly from the enquiry with all the information available for all contractor or customers. Customers request for particular design and documents can be uploaded in the particular customers profile. We can also track the work of particular customers with follow ups.

Followup Management Software for Interior Designers

Followup Management

You can manage or add follow Ups for the enquiries and customers and update the status as well as check history of the particular enquiries or customers. You will be getting notification of the follow ups on a particular date and time and also you will receive a pop up for the follow ups, so that you will not miss a single follow up.

Project Management Software for Interior Designers

Project Management

Maintaining manual records particularly in case of an enormous project is a big project. Our system helps you to control and record everything within an orderly manager. CRM for interior designing provides a professional touch on the whole concept and also basic idea.

Task Management Software for Interior Designers

Task Management

You can allocate various task such as floor coating, false ceiling and painting task to a selective person. Task can also be supervised by the particular person and can check the performance and work of the employees. You can also give the comment, ideas or suggestion from CRM itself.

Proposal Management Software for Interior Designers

Proposal Management

You can create a default proposal with different templates as per your design industry, so that you need not have to enter all the details again and again. Each proposal sent will be recorded in the customers details. We also provide you with the option to create various templates for various group or type of service required, so you can import the templates easily.

Invoice Management Software for Interior Designers

Invoice Management

Can create Invoices for the customers and know the status of the payment. You can also add default bank details in invoice so that you need not have to enter for each customer individually. Whatever invoice you will sending will be recorded in the customers profile for future references.

Product / Service Management Software for Interior Designers

Product / Service Management

Can keep the record of your services or products with their individual rate, unit or tax which you provide. You can your inventory as well in th CRM. We also give the customization option where you can add fields of you choice apart from our default fields.

Vendor Management Software for Interior Designers

Vendor Management

Your vendors can be manage from where you buy the colors, paints and furniture’s and allocate from CRM for the particular customers you want. You can create your vendor category and create PO for that vendor and can check the status also for particular vendor.

PO Management Software for Interior Designers

PO Management

Purchase order for the vendors can be created from our CRM and can be kept as a record for your company expense. You can set various layouts and formats by default so that you can use it while creating purchase order

Best CRM for Interior Designers

Good CRM for Interior Designs

Interior Design is the work that needs to be done with total care and intensity. And for any business developers who are with Interior Designs will look for the perfect software to manage it. The software for the interior design will make it happiest and heart full of warmness. The best interior design software will be useful for the company as they will increase their revenue by getting and delivering correct orders and deals. The best software for interior designs will be different and effective in their own way. CRM from Solid Performers will make a great change in the business. Solid Performers helps to run in the flow of your business. With all these Solid Performers CRM for interior designs you can shine as the astonishing CRM developers for Interior designs.

What is CRM?

CRM is always a combination of strategies, ideas, management, software that enhance a strong trust and relationship between the company and its users. CRM is Customer Relationship Management. It is the thing that withholds every plan, technique, tool, method of a project to enhance in its own way of methodology. CRM is the worldwide software that cares and ensures every step of each and every project with the customers and the company to flourish in its own way. It brings a mountainous profit and keeps on increasing. It collects all the information of the customers who are involved with the company from various platforms. And that’s it the CRM inculcates all the basic, official information, dealings, and history before and after to maintain a proper chain between the two of them.

The purpose of CRM

CRM basically forms and wins the trust of the customer. CRM is defined as Customer Relationship Management. In business mode, CRM serves as the best relationship dealer with the company and the customers to elongate their way long. CRM does all the work that is related to customers as of finding new customers. After finding them, letting them know about our company solid Performers. Once all set the trust between our company and the customer is an unbreakable bond. And we provide all the services that will be needed from each side. CRM serves as the best as it holds all the details in one place and gives solutions for all the issues. Customers feel free with the company when they are using data that is very easy to access and which increases productivity. CRM satisfies all the business whether it may be small or large no matter.

Solid Performers CRM

Solid Performers gives perfect CRM software for the best interior designs with planning, design, and other details. Like this, the customer details, database between the company and the customer, sending the customer details would be done using this software. We basically give all the information about who is coming into the website and enquiring about the products or services offered by the company. CRM software which we provide will give confidence to one’s business to enrich them in a growing process.

It will be engaged with all the customer details and make them as possible future customers or working with them. CRM software will also note all the users and track them accordingly to their subscription. Getting and logging the feedbacks and the issues faced by the customers will be immediately resolved. Prioritize each and every work as it will reduce the tension and messiness created among the location.

How CRM works?

CRM generally has a format to proceed with. It trails the clients and the company talking with many numbers of channels. These ways may obviously look forward to emails, phone calls, etc. It gives an easy job and pressure less work for the management sales team. These companies would just have followed their traditional thinking. Our CRM will make it think and work in a place out of the box to the next level of thought. This makes every lead be managed from the first day till the process is delivered. It enables customer service to be done in a more pleasing manner to both themselves and the customers who will be more awaited for the company’s reply. CRM systems are a full set of chasing the customer interactions with the company for further dealings online. Solid Performers provide CRM in such a way that will be having an automotive process and manages all the performance activities by the tools that are in the CRM. Here in this CRM software, every activity will be recorded by the company and it helps in scheduling and planning all the works in order to achieve an effective result. The CRM software that is being developed by the Solid Performers has the potential to manage analytical capabilities, marketing, and even leads can be generated and move into the work. The CRM software by us will be a great game-changer in the interior design business.

Why Solid Performers for Interior Design CRM? We will take the customers to the land of designs and manage multiple customers at a time. We gave deep importance to our customers. As the CRM software will engage all modes of interior designs. The software provides an end to end customer services with emails, messages, mobiles, etc. We stand with the accountability of quality and customer satisfaction which we pay to the fullest. CRM of Solid Performers gives the assurance of certain qualities. They are:
  • Numerous Branch Governance
  • Notification
  • Contact Development
Numerous Branch Management

Solid Performers provide a number of branches managing center systems. Using this multiple branches can be controlled from a single branch system. It specifically maintains a record for each and every branch but it collaborates into a single factor by the CRM. Each work which is done by a separate branch will be done easily when it is split into different and target can be easily achieved.


Solid Performers has developed a perfect CRM with the feature of notification. In the CRM there will be a specific tool for notifications that shows all the remainders, event schedule task everything. A notification or just a remainder will remain the customer or the company does the task or work in time. It is always easy and simple when we make our works done in an ordered way. The customer will be in proper sync with them in all the work. This reduces the method of tracking very simple. This will improve customer satisfaction.

Contact Management

While managing the contacts it makes to uphold all the database of the contacts and run in a complete way. When contact management is enabled in a company there won’t be any data or information misused or lost. And the details of any particular customer or the client will be there for any future use or in case of any urgent need. This is totally a consolidated version of contacts to maintain in a single CRM software base. All the information which includes call history, chat history, contacts, client corresponding will be obtained through this management.

Solid Performers make wonderful CRM software for the enhancement of interior designs.