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Hotel Management CRM Software
Enquiry till Closure and more

Hotel Management CRM

Manage you guest data from the booking timelines till their Check-in – Check out and their experience of staying in your hotel. It’s all about the fantastic service you provide. As seen the extensive rise in hotel industry, now hotels need to switch themselves from paper work and excel sheets to Solid Performers Hotel CRM in order to fuel the business growth in this competitive market.

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Responsive CRM
How it Helps?

Top Reasons to Choose Us

Embed all your Data

With Solid Performer CRM manage your end to end business performance efficiently and effectively

Capture Leads

CRM helps you in capturing leads from different sources and bring all leads into CRM directly just by integrating it.

Followup Alert

With lots of workload, it becomes difficult to remember the follow-up. CRM makes sure that you never miss any follow-up.

Quick Convert

In a well-designed CRM, convert your lead to a client in one click and with that get all the details mapped in client page.

Single Window View

Solid Performers CRM saves your time and makes easy for you to check all the details leads and clients in one click.

Manage Services

Manage detailed record of all services provide by your organization with their price, taxes and description of your service

Support Tickets

Create supports ticket and track all the registered complaints of your customers. Allocate it to an executive for fast problem solving.

Vendor Management

Simplify your workflow and start maintaining database of all your vendors in Solid Performers CRM. You can create PO as well.

Data Security

Maintain all data in cloud serve software, Solid Performer CRM provides you 100% data security from breaches and other threats.

Booking Management Hotel and Resport CRM

Booking Management

Manage different group of booking requirement under booking management. Booking becomes easy when you maintain them in an organized manner. CRM provides you a segregated view in the booking module so you can check how many bookings for room, banquet or lawn. CRM decreases the time processing and increases the work productivity.

Customer Management Hotel and Resport CRM

Customer Management

With Solid Performers Hotel CRM create and manage you entire customer. CRM has become the most important ally for hotel industry and in this competition world the most important part is to understand your customers well and fulfil their expectation. CRM helps you in knowing your customer in a better way and make your hotel stand best in the crowds.

Enquiry Management Hotel and Resport CRM

Enquiry Management

Get lead from different sources or add manually data’s in CRM and view all the update of your lead in the view section. You may receive lead for room booking, banquet or lawn, Keep your data’s segregated in a simpler way. In this integrated software you can integrate your account from multiple sources like Website, multiple Facebook accounts and get bookings from people directly in CRM.

Calendar Management Hotel and Resport CRM

Calendar Management

Don’t miss any update for your upcoming activity, sync you google calendar with Solid Performers Hotel CRM and schedule meetings, events for any day and get reminder for the upcoming activities. Every feature is available in CRM now it’s your turn to use these features in way to get the best ROI from your inputs.

Invoice Management Hotel and Resport CRM

Invoice Management

Create Invoice with Solid Performers Hotel CRM at the time of check-out with all other services provided to them and check the status of your invoice. CRM allows you to add default invoice setting with your prefix, seal signature and other details so that it becomes easy while creating an invoice. All the invoices will be recorded in the customers profile for future references.

Room / Inventory Management Hotel and Resport CRM

Room / Inventory Management

Create and manage room and inventory in CRM with detailed information and with their pricing. Maintaining inventory details for hotel industry is a tough task especially in this competitive market. CRM helps you in monitoring your comprehensive inventory available in your hotel. Managing your inventory in CRM makes your work streamlined.

Feedback Management Hotel and Resport CRM

Feedback Management

Creating and managing feedback of you customer play a vital role in the hotel industry. Feedback management helps you in knowing about your services impact on your customers. You can review their feedback and work on things if anything’s need to be changed. On their feedback you can also send an automated SMS or Email trigger which will have a great impact

Task Management Hotel and Resport CRM

Task Management

Solid Performers Hotel CRM allows you to multiple tasks with the due date, description of the task & priority marked it in and then can be allocated it to your employees and when there is any action taken or any update done can be tracked from the admin account. Task management brings the effectiveness and efficiency in the workflow.

Employee Management Hotel and Resport CRM

Employee Management

CRM allows you to create your employee account and manage them in a systematic hierarchy. Employee Management module allows you to track the entire work cycle of your employees from prospects, clients to task allocated to them and then actions of your employees. This can immensely assist in your regular business operation as you can monitor the work of your employee.

CRM Software Solutions for Hotel and Resorts

Reasons Why Hotels Must Use CRM Software Solutions Now!

Customer Relationship Management helps the Hotel management to match the expectations of their clients. Apart from managing the leads, CRM also helps in managing Customer Feedbacks, Loyalty programs, and above all, a 360-degree view of customer information and interactions. The aim of every business is to maximize its sales and profits. All marketing campaigns are done in order to maximize sales. The only solution for getting maximum ROI (Return On Investment) for your marketing campaigns is by using CRM Software Solutions. Best CRM Software tools will give you a centralized database for your business that can improve your end result. Customer relationship management is a technology for managing all your company's relationships and interactions with all types of customers. Answering this question effectively is tough within the hotel industry because each hotel has unique needs, thoughts, tastes of food for managing its customer relationships. Customer relationship management is the combination of ` The goal is to improve customer service, relationships between the customer and the owner and assist in customer retention and increase the sales growth.

Types of CRMs:

There are mainly three types of CRM applications
  1. Operational
  2. Analytical
  3. Collaborative

Operational CRM:

Operational Customer Relationship Management streamlines the business process that includes Sales automation, Marketing automation, and Service automation. The main purpose of this type of CRM is to generate leads, convert them into contacts, capture all required details and provide service throughout the customer lifecycle.

Analytical CRM:

Analytical CRM helps in management, marketing, sales, and support personnel to determine the better way to help and serve customers. Data analysis is the main function of this type of Customer Relationship Management application. It analyses customer data, coming from various points, to get better insights into the current status of an organization. It helps top management to make better decisions, marketing executives to understand the campaign effectiveness, sales executives to increase sales, and support personnel to improve quality of support and build strong customer relationships.

Collaborative CRM:

Collaborative CRM, also called Strategic CRM, enables an organization to share customer information among various business units like the sales team, marketing team, technical and support team. For example, feedback from a support team could be useful for marketing teams to approach targeted customers with specific products or services. In the real world, each business unit works as an independent group and rarely shares customers’ data with other teams that often cause business losses. Collaborative CRM helps to improve the quality of customer service to gain loyalty and acquire new customers to increase sales. 

How CRMs helps a lot for Hotel Business: No matter with the size of your company, the right CRM software will help you stay competitive by allowing you to:
  • Keep track of your interactions with every customer
  • Keep in control of your sales and marketing efforts
  • Maintain strong and good relationships with existing customers
  • Try to sell more products and services,
  • Improve the communication between the sales and the marketing teams
  • Find and keep new customers.
  • Give them solutions as soon as possible
  • Don’t give any assurance that you can’t provide
  • The foods must touch their hearts psychologically
Before you start evaluating Customer Relationship Management vendors, ask yourself these questions:
  • What are the most inefficient processes in your business and what do you want or need to improve with a CRM system?
  • What operational processes and workflows are we lagging and need to add?
  • Who in your company is going to use CRM? How many users do you need?
  • What other software do you want to integrate and improve with a CRM system?
  • What is your budget?
Benefits of CRM:
  • Better knowledge of customers.
  • Better segmentation.
  • Better customer retention.
  • Better anticipation of needs.
  • Better and speedier communication.
  • Better protection of data privacy.
In order to find the best CRM Software tools, just assure that the CRM software you have chosen has these features:
  • Firstly, assure that the CRM Software tools you have chosen assure Data Security:
With the CRM Software Solutions chosen, you must assure that your data is protected from third-party access or unauthorized use. Data is crucial for every business. It is the sole key to maintaining your brand's reputation.
  • It must help in getting the Right Analysis:
Every lead you get will not convert into sales. You must get the right leads that can convert into sales. To get the right leads, it must reach the target audience. The right analytics from CRM Software Solution can help you reach the target audience for getting quality leads. CRM Software can take customer data from different platforms and can give you the right insights for planning effective marketing strategies. The Right Marketing analysis will help in finding effective ways for Customer Retention.
  • Data Integration Feature
The Data Integration feature is an essential factor to consider while choosing the best CRM Software tools. With the help of the integration of platforms, you can come to easy analysis and reports. The marketing and sales platform must be integrated to get a measurable result.
  • It must help in getting Organic Traffic
The CRM Software tools must help in building Organic Relationships with the customers. Organic Traffic can only be built by streamlining effective communication with the customers by using CRM Software Tools.

Customer engagement is a crucial aspect for any business to drive quality Organic Traffic. For this, the CRM Software Tools you are using must give enhancive customer support services like easiness in booking appointments. The usage of this software is expanding across many domains and it has more and more uses in many fields.