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Automotive CRM

In the vast demands of cars and dealerships, Solid Performers Automotive CRM helps you to improve your customer’s experience and also create the whole customer’s life cycle in order to understand their expectations properly. CRM fuels the business growth in this competitive market. A CRM specially designed for Auto industry helps you to manage every detail of prospect and client easily.

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Top Reasons to Choose Us

Sales Automation

Automate your sales pipeline and make the daily tasks of sales teams easier. Right from prospecting to nurturing & closing deals. Engage on revenue generating activities.

Detailed Reporting

We give you the option to track and know that for which service the maximum numbers of queries are coming and how are they taking it forward with detailed reporting.

Timely Reminders

Never miss a followup from now on. Get daily & hourly followup updates on a seperate page with the option to filter and contact them based on various criterias.

Capture Leads

Capture all your leads from different integrated sources at one place so that you don’t ever miss any inquiry. You can also integrate with various portals.

Multiple Sources

Collect all your enquiries from various channels into our CRM directly. Send them an automated welcome email or sms to get the prospect active.

Track the enquiries

Monitor activity at every stage and know if the deal is headed towards closure. This helps in better prospecting of leads and gives the entire sales team a clarity.


Collect all related documents regarding the service and manage all the documents under every enquiry or customer. No need to search for it everytime.

Vendor Management

As this is an all in one solution, you can also be able to create and manage the vendors as well as their purchase orders & payments using our system.

Custom field

We provide you with various default field in different modules. Apart from this, we also provide you to add the custom field of your own choice based on your business.

Enquiry Management CRM for Automotive Industry

Enquiry Management

All the incoming enquiries in the automotive industry are generated from multiple sources. The enquiries that are generated will be directly fed into the CRM software for automotive. Different enquiries are generated for different reasons. In such cases, our CRM will easily segregate them based on some filtrations like locations, requirements, or based on some requirements. There will be different teams to manage all the enquiries related to automotive industry; hence they will be automatically allocated to different teams for easier work process.

Distributor Management CRM for Automotive Industry

Distributor Management

In the automotive industry we will help you by assisting in all kinds of areas that includes, the best dealership management for all the vehicle parts, the vehicle parts store software for all the enterprises that sells the parts, even we make softwares for all the rentals and leasing purposes. The customers who are in need of travel assistance can upload their documents and visas which are managed by the best automotive CRM software.

Contact Management CRM for Automotive Industry

Contact Management

Basically in the automotive field, all the enterprises will be in need of the best management software that will maintain all their contacts seamlessly. You will be in need to maintain the contacts and you need to access them properly and also in timely manner. Never miss out any contact and make them left unanswered. You can make yourself engaged with some notifications if you are forgetting to deal any client.

Vehicle Management CRM for Automotive Industry

Vehicle Management

The dealers, who are in need of a perfect system to make their process easier from the beginning, must go for the best CRM software. The software assists you for the configuration, searching, purchasing, and to track the vehicles from both the ends. Simply put with proper network connections, you can just access your data and can track the vehicles remotely. The dealers can simply log into the system and get the access to all the information for future uses.

Service Management CRM for Automotive Industry

Service Management

For all the different types of transporters or dealers or vehicles, our software will help you to maintain the services. Usually different types of functionalities will be maintained by different transporters, we will give you a wide variety of filters to apply so that you can flexibly manage the services.

Support Management CRM for Automotive Industry

Support Management

The supports that are needed by the transporters or the dealers can be given to a larger extent by our CRM software. We provide the support system for a single dealership or a number of dealerships at the same time without missing out any clients. You can even schedule the appointments for providing the support with much satisfaction for the leads. Our software will also help you to assist and support the proactive deals at all times.

Proposal Management CRM for Automotive Industry

Proposal Management

We take up the decision-making system with our CRM software by the dynamic flow of the software. As you are piled up with lots of projects and tasks, those projects will be segregated and prioritized accordingly so that your process will be made easier. Our software not only helps you in prioritizing the projects, but you can also make the existing projects categorize to speed up the progress.

Invoice Management CRM for Automotive Industry

Invoice Management

You can make your invoice ready with just one click. Simply by making changes in the software you make the best and the customizable reports. This kind of integrated software will help you manage the time as well.

Finance Management CRM for Automotive Industry

Finance Management

We assist you by providing you the flexible finance configurators along with the customer management systems. We also ensure that all the tax, accounting and customs management are made very flexible to the client and also for the betterment in the process.

Employee Management CRM for Automotive Industry

Employee Management

We go for the quality employee management as they are the ones who strengthen the organization. In the automotive industry, the employee management must be maintained to a greater extent for the best services in the company. We make software that will keep all the records of the employees to recent dates and also the future processes will also be tracked to a greater extent to build the best relationship with the employee.

Best CRM for Automotive Business

Increase your automotive sales and customer satisfaction with the best CRM for automotive. Solid performers brings you the leading CRM for automotive with the aim of making people satisfy their needs and increase their service revenue.

What makes us feel unique?

In the automotive industry, our CRM for automotive will be the best fit in order to turn all inquiries into test drives and bookings. We built the most flexible CRM that will be very easier for the users to personalize according to their needs. If a user finds them to be very comfortable with the CRM, then they can access the utmost benefits from it. Suppose if any buyer is using the best CRM for automotive, they will be able to track the complete journey of the vehicle buying process. Whenever a new inquiry or a lead is entering into the CRM system, they will be captured and it is processed to make the test drive or any bookings if possible.

This will be considered as a task and will be fed into the software. The task that is created will be notified as soon they enter the software to the sales agent. The agent will carry all the data about the lead so that it will be easier for them to track the process until they convert. This will be highly essential for any organization that is facing difficulty tracking the process of the lead. To opt for any test drive, the agent will organize and book a schedule for making it happen and at the same time, it is also possible to reschedule the booking if it is not comfortable.

Our strategy towards building the best CRM for automotive:

We consider that if any business brand makes a CRM that never loses the lead, then they are the ones that lead as the best CRM for automotive. You won’t be missing any lead that is assigned to be entering the CRM software. Solid performers will make the CRM that captures all the leads from the point of entry until they are converted to a buyer. We take the upcoming leads from many of the online channels like Twitter, Facebook, and linked in. Our software is capable to take the leads not only from the online channels but also from many of the sources like offline channels, automotive marketplaces, digital ads, and others.

The leading CRM providers for the automotive will bring you software that is completely paperless, quickly processed, and also at the same time, it brings you the error-free transmission of data. We will help you to map all the incoming leads into the software so that the processing of data can be achieved easily.

How do we manage the leads when they are crowded?

At times, you will be experiencing a large crowd of leads and it will be difficult for the team to manage all at a time. In such cases, we will help you by mapping the leads into different consultants and showrooms. This is largely achieved by the best automotive CRM providers. Solid performers will help you to achieve this kind of integrated CRM software and hence you can manage the leads easily without crowding them in the same place. Using the advanced distribution methods of managing the leads, imparting the best redistribution services, and also by making the capping logic we can achieve a wider arena in the CRM for automotive.

There are a large number of prospects, agents, or dealerships and showrooms spread all over the area. This can be deeply splatted into location, pin code, the buyer who is interested to buy the vehicle, the model of the vehicle, the person who is under consultation, and the language, and some more. All these diversities will be taken care at a large scale and they are put into a one-stop solution like the Solid performers maintaining the best CRM for automotive.

We also have a team of experts at the back end, who are servicing to maintain a flawless experience for the customers. We keep a track of the interactions that are made by the clients and the consultants. This will help the team to monitor the clients and also if any miscommunication happens, you will be able to identify the spot where it went wrong and you can take the corrective measures. Not only the interactions, the entire test rides that the client is taking up, the date of the ride, but the model of the vehicle, the person who is under supervision to take up the ride, and any other channels used for the communication are also tracked and recorded.  The lead status can also be analyzed from this process and further steps can be taken to improvise. The best CRM for automotive made by the Solid performers will be greatly helpful for the management to segment the leads, automate the process, and also forward the clients in the right direction.

Our uniqueness:
  • Increased efficiency
  • Lead qualification
  • Better prioritization
  • Increased revenue
  • Leaded sales processes
  • Upgraded dealership

The best thing that the salespeople always prefer is that they need all the processes to be done as soon as possible. For this to be done, they must get some of the best things that Solid performers will offer to bring the best CRM for automotive. One such thing includes prioritization. We help you by offering the best CRM for automotive and the sales team can easily prioritize things efficiently. Instead of making the process much complicated, we make the process much clear and the team who is managing the automotive process can just check the day-to-day activities. Simply put, you’re all in one solution in a single place as the best CRM for automotive will be offered by Solid performers. Bringing on the smarter view for the management team, making the tiring process as simple as possible, and integrating all the complex processes, Solid performers will assist you with the best CRM for automotive.